India Ranks 77th on Sustainability : UN Report

India ranked 77th on a sustainability index that takes into account per capita carbon emissions and ability of children in a nation to live healthy lives, according to a UN-backed report.

The Sustainability Index ranks countries on excess carbon emissions compared with the 2030 target. This provides a convenient and available proxy for a country’s contribution to sustainability in future.

The report noted that under realistic assumptions about possible trajectories towards sustainable greenhouse gas emissions, models predict that global carbon emissions need to be reduced from 397 giga tonnes to 228 giga tonnes per year by 2030 to maintain even a 66 per cent chance of keeping global warming below 15C.

It said that the world’s survival depended on children being able to flourish, but no country is doing enough to give them a sustainable future.

Specific recommendations include stopping CO2 emissions with the utmost urgency, to ensure children have a future on this planet; placing children and adolescents at the centre of global efforts to achieve sustainable development, the report said.

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