Vank Wall 3 acoustic panels by VankDezeen

Vank Wall 3 acoustic panels in the home

Dezeen Showroom: Polish brand Vank has released its Vank Wall 3 system of acoustic panels, which is particularly suited to creating home office nooks.

Vank Wall 3 has a highly effective sound-absorbing surface and doubles up as a room divider in order to create both visual and acoustic privacy.

Vank Wall 3 acoustic panels in the home
The panels are particularly suited to creating home office nooks

The system can be used for dividing up spaces within offices. But Vank particularly recommends it for the home, where people are increasingly looking to create private nooks for remote working.

The panels are between 160 and 220 centimetres high and upholstered in a synthetic felted fabric, which adds to their sound-absorbing properties. They can also double as information boards or backgrounds for video conference calls.

Vank Wall 3 acoustic panels
They can also be used as information boards

Vank Wall 3 is made of recycled post-consumer plastic, mainly PET bottles, and sits on a triangular plywood base.

The system is modular, with single panels connected together via fasteners to form a screen of the desired size.

Product: Vank Wall 3
Brand: Vank

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