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Dezeen Showroom: Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet has created a curvy lounge chair informed by the shape of waves for outdoor furniture brand Vondom.

Called Ibiza, the white sun lounger is made from recycled polypropylene plastic, reinforced with fibreglass for extra durability.

Ibiza is a curvy white sunlounger

The collection is made from plastic waste that was salvaged from the Mediterranean sea before being injection moulded into its final, curvaceous form.

Suitable for a garden or terrace, the wave-like shape of the Ibiza lounge chair complements the natural shape of the body to facilitate a comfortable sitting position.

The Ibiza range also includes armchairs

Quitllet’s Ibiza collection also includes other monochrome outdoor furniture including black and white armchairs and side tables.

Product: Ibiza lounge chair
Designer: Eugeni Quitllet
Brand: Vondom
Contact: info@vondom.com

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