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Dezeen promotion: office furniture company Autonomous has collaborated with different artists and illustrators to create a range of height-adjustable desks that are ergonomic and brighten up the workspace at the same time.

The Autonomous x Artists collection takes the company’s hallmark SmartDesks as its base but sees their generous tabletops UV printed with colourful graphics.

Above: Autonomous has reimagined its SmartDesks with artworks printed on top. Top image: illustrator Mindy Lee is among the featured artists.

“Through trial and error, Autonomous’s engineers have successfully applied high-quality printing techniques on the finished desktop to bring an authentic replication of the lively, vibrant artwork to your workspace,” the brand explained.

One version, created by painter Orin Carpenter, features abstract brushstrokes in red, orange and turquoise while the artist Garscadden was inspired by late nights stargazing in Colorado’s Chautauqua Park.

Painter Orin Carpenter contributed an artwork of abstract brushstrokes

Los Angeles illustrator Mindy Lee, who goes by the pseudonym Happyminders, drew a scene of cartoonish animals rendered as colourful geometric shapes.

“My Happy desk design is inspired by all the amazing energy and inspiration you bring to the table when you sit at your desk, your safe space to create and work,” she said.

“I want my design to remind others that the time you spend at your desk is magical. I want people to feel the worth of their work and time spent at their desks.”

Garscadden was inspired by stargazing in Colorado’s Chautauqua Park

Alberta-based Mélanie Edison contributed a wild, almost psychedelic pattern created using her intuitive healing art technique, in which she uses painting as a form of therapy and a direct outlet for her feelings.

The artworks are emblazoned onto the desks using UV printing technology, creating a result that is durable and colour-accurate as well as scratch and fade resistant.

“UV printing is a special form of printing that dries ink instantly as it is printed, which allows the final product to look more sharp and defined with fewer blemishes and blurs,” Autonomous explained.

Mélanie Edison contributed a psychedelic pattern created through her intuitive healing art technique

The SmartDesks themselves feature a sturdy frame made of high-quality steel and a “whisper-quiet” dual-engine motor that is capable of lifting up to 136 kilograms.

“That means plenty of power for all your office gear, your documents, your peripherals – and even the occasional coworker who likes to come by and lean on your desk,” Autonomous said.

The desk can remember up to four different personalised heights, which users can toggle between using the integrated keypad.

The range is available for pre-order via Autonomous’s website

Autonomous has previously presented its classic SmartDesk Core range as well as the ErgoChair Pro and Pro+ on Dezeen Showroom.

For more information on the Autonomous x Artists range and to pre-order the collection, visit

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