Contour acoustic panel by Jeffrey Ibanez for Impact AcousticDezeen

Dezeen Showroom: created by Filipino designer Jeffrey Ibanez for Impact Acoustic, the Contour acoustic panel features a sinuous pattern that can be adapted to fill any wall.

The Contour panel is marked with a soft organic pattern reminiscent of tree rings, creating a sense of visual movement.

The Contour pattern can be adapted to fit any wall size

The pattern is designed through an algorithm so it can be optimised to fit walls of any shape and size.

Swiss brand Impact Acoustic specialises in parametric design, which they believe can deliver more sophisticated products that perfectly meet the requirements of any setting.

It is recommended for hospitality and office projects

Contour comes in a range of 28 colours and is recommended for corporate and hospitality projects.

As well as providing sound insulation, the panel can be used as a pinboard with fine pins.

Product: Contour
Designer: Jeffrey Ibanez
Brand: Impact Acoustic

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