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Warm, steamy towels not only refresh the skin, but they are also what we most often associate with opulent spas. The bathroom design trend for 2022 is to create a quiet, at-home spa, thus it makes sense why towel warmers are popular. However, The Architecture Designs explore a few things to think about before lighting the aromatherapy candles.

Before you can decide if you need a heated towel rail or not, you must first understand what one is. It basically consists of a bathroom appliance that may also be fitted to other humid areas. In addition to keeping the surroundings clean and mildew-free, it helps you by drying off your moist towels.

Types Of Towel Warmers

There are mainly two types of towel warmers. The rail can be heated from the inside out using either electric or hydronic systems, and both are very effective at doing so. Apart from the heating system, electric towel warmers run on their own. They have low-wattage electric elements in them. A wet element is used by some to heat the oil or water inside the towel rail, whereas a dry element is used by others to heat the wire that is inserted in the rails’ tubes.

Hydronic Towel Warmer 


A hydronic towel warmer, like a radiator, generates heat using hot water. The warmer’s rails are filled with water from the existing water heater or radiant heating system, which produces even cost-effective heat. In some types, the bars are warmed by an internal heating element heating a solution of water and other materials, such as glycol.

Hydronic towel warmers are extremely energy efficient with no visible wires. You can keep it anywhere you wish as it is not required to be installed near an outlet. Additionally, you can use existing plumbing with towel rack. In the event of damage, the heating element can be changed.

Electric Towel Warmers

To warm the towels, an electric towel warmer needs electricity, about equivalent to that used by two regular light bulbs. It can be hardwired or plugged in. In addition, you can always utilize a freestanding electric warmer to create a spa-like atmosphere for half the cost.

Electric Towel Warmers are easy to install. You just have to plug in and use it. According to the design and model of the towel, it is mobile and travel-friendly. However, the wall-mounted or floor-mounted electric towel warmer is not ready to move. It works faster due to the electricity used and is energy efficient too.

Best Towel Warmers For Different Categories


A smart heated tower rail helps your towels dry faster so they don’t develop mildew and prolongs the pleasant, unwinding experience of a hot shower or bath. We researched the top towel warmers and considered factors like cost, heating source, durability, and value.

Innova Towel Warmer – Best Budget

This product is UL Certified, Free Standing & Wall Mounted, 2-in-1 Electric Heated Towel Warmer Rack for Bathroom with 6 bars. For utmost freshness, a towel rack dries clothes. With six bars for many towels and robes, it dries quietly. Flexible wall or freestanding configuration. Excellent for the laundry room or bathroom, freestanding portable setup. To make the most of the space in the room, hang towel warmer is wall mounted. a thermostat that is built-in and that uses less energy while keeping the temperature safe. Bars that are vertical and horizontal are both heated. more expansive bars to hold large towels.

Improve your bathroom’s looks by a contemporary aluminum frame with a brush chrome finish. Simply flip on the switch, and the warmer will quickly attain its ideal temperature, which is between 43°F and 50°C or 110°F to 122°F. It has a safe cover on/off switch and a light to let you know when the warmer is on and heating up. Engineer with a 6-foot dry-lined cord. uses a normal 110-120V outlet. It uses 105 watts of power. It includes a user manual, freestanding feet, and wall mounting brackets. Use nowhere near water, a bathtub, a sink, or any other container. It should be noted that the real temperature depends on the humidity and temperature outside. It will cost you around 90 dollars.

ANNZI Towel Warmer- Best Wall Mounted 


The best part of this product is the fast heating feature. It is as easy as plugging into a regular socket. Large, thick towels, bathrobes, washcloths, and hand towels may all be safely, swiftly, and uniformly warmed by this wall-mounted heated towel warmer rack. For dependability and functionality, certified rust-resistant stainless steel is used. It is simple to clean brushed nickel. 

To give convenience, you can store various goods in 7 bars, ranging from towels to robes. Maintaining a clean environment and using it in your daily life will benefit you. It has a robust output of 70 Watts that uses green energy and is effective enough to quickly warm your towels. All ANZZI items come with limited lifetime warranty. They are unique blend of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. The initial consumer purchaser of an ANZZI product is guaranteed against material or workmanship flaws. It costs around 226 dollars.

Savoy Towel Warmer- ICO- H1013, 19’ by 31’ Best Hydronic

Savoy, a wall-mounted towel warmer from Tuzio with a modern European aesthetic, will add comfort and flair to your bathroom. The Savoy towel warmer, which is available in traditional white or chrome, blends seamlessly with your bathroom’s decor while warming and drying your towels for amazing comfort each time you take a bath. You won’t soon forget this small indulgence and will wish you had given it a try sooner. You might never go back once you install Savoy in your bathroom!

Utilize a Tuzio towel warmer to always have fresh, odor-free towels. It has a lifetime restricted warranty. For quick and simple installation, it comes with adjustable brackets. Additionally, it boasts a fluid-filled heating system that adds more heat to your bathroom.

Jerdon Wallmount Towel Warmer – Best Small 


The Regent Wall Mount Towel Warmer Rack from Warmrails offers the ideal balance of design and functionality, warming even the chilliest winter mornings. Simple and stylish, the rack will always provide you with soft towels and clothing. Save money on energy, stop using the washing and dryer, and most significantly, replace the dampness in your home with cozy warmth that everyone will love. For convenient access anytime you need it, this towel warmer has wall-mount feature.

An ideal fusion of fashion and performance. Place it on a wall for convenient access. Warmrails collection with UL and CUL approval.

Ancona Svelte 13-bar Towel Warmer – Best Large Capacity

This small 13-bar warmer and drying rack is made of high-quality brushed stainless steel with an unusual curved design. It has 2 adjustable hooks that are ideal for warming extra towels or bathrobes, and it comes with everything you need to hardwire it directly into the wall. At any temperature, Ancona towel warmers are a stylish and environmentally friendly solution to keep your towels and clothing warm, fresh, and dry.

It has 304 stainless steel of the highest quality with a brushed finish. Wall mounting is possible with hard wire installation. This towel hanger is directly connected to an electric junction box, and the wire connections are covered by a wall plate (included). To accommodate larger towels, 13 curved bars take 15 minutes to achieve the proper temperature.

Additionally, it features 2 adjustable hooks for extra towels or bathrobes. With all the necessary parts and instructions, assembly is simple. The presence of a humidity protected on/off switch is a unique feature. It is certified by cETLus and has dry-lined electric power for safety and energy efficiency.



The majority of towel hangers are multipurpose, so you may use them for purposes other than just warming your bathroom towels. Your towels and bath linens will smell better and be less likely to develop mildew when you dry them using rack-style devices.

Dry your swimsuits, pool towels, delicates, damp shoes, and outerwear by hanging them on the bars. You might think about putting your towel warmer in your bathroom, laundry room, mudroom, or foyer depending on how you intend to use it.

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