Takahama Cafe by Kengo Kuma and Associates

The “Takahama Cafe” designed by architect Kengo Kuma, the most convenient place to visit the Tottori sand dunes, opened on August 20th.

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of its founding and contribute to the community, Japanese civil engineering firm Qilu Construction recently invested around 250 million yen (approximately HK $ 14.5 million).

Sakyukaikan, a souvenir shop near the Cafe

To build a cafe Qilu Construction invited Kengo Kuma to design it, Kuma’s first building in Kagoshima, the three-story Cafe is located opposite the Kagoshima University Law Faculty.

The café will be a two-story structure made with a combination of reinforced concrete and laminated wood (CLT) panels made with Tottori lumber. The feature is that the building is surrounded by wooden shutters.


With a total area of 190 square meters, the roof of Cafe, about 9 meters above the ground, has an outdoor terrace overlooking the scenery of the sand dunes.

The roof will be a covered observation space, where people can eat and drink outdoors while enjoying the view of the dunes. The Cafe which collects different types of books and on the second floor is the space for seminars and meetings.

TerraceLocation: Tottori, JapanArchitect: Kengo Kuma and AssociatesArea: 190 m2Cost: 250 million yenPhotographs: via internetKengo Kuma at his CafeInteriorModel

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