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As a business owner, you constantly think of ways to grow your business and protect your investment. While door locks are a crucial part of your security when it comes to keeping people out, businesses need door locks that are more efficient and promote a safer working environment without compromising safety. Top Atlanta Locksmith recommends installing keypad locks on your business, keeping unauthorized people out, and letting the right people in and access various areas at the right time. In addition, keys can be forgotten, lost, or stolen, which is unsuitable for business. You can alleviate all these inconveniences by hiring a professional locksmith in Canton for upgrades.

There are many downsides to traditional keys, especially when it comes to a business setting. For example, what happens if an employee or previous tenant has a key and no longer needs access to the building? You need to guarantee the safety of your workforce and customers by scheduling a maintenance check with a trusted locksmith in Canton. Here are the benefits of keypad locks on your business.

Keyless Entry


As the name suggests, these are door locks that don’t need keys to open. You no longer have to worry about losing your keys, lockout emergencies, or misplacing them. With keypad locks, there’s no more dumping out purses or bags trying to figure out where you put the keys last. Consult a reputable locksmith for advice before upgrading your locks to ensure you make the most of the right choice for your business.

Access Codes

Aside from keyless entry, the recent advancement in lock technology has made it possible for keypad locks to have unique custom access codes. This means each department, person, and service provider can access various areas within the building using their unique access code. So if you are looking for security, convenience, and efficiency all in one, our expert locksmith in Kennesaw has you covered.

Access Schedule


Employees have different clearance levels, meaning various areas can’t be accessed if you aren’t authorized. In addition, many smart locks allow you to schedule times to the codes you assign your workforce, providing access only within the set time. This is highly convenient and improves business security by ensuring certain codes can only access the building at specific times.

Changeable Entry Codes

If you lose a key, the solution is changing your locks or rekeying which can be pretty expensive if it is a regular occurrence. Keypad locks alleviate the need to change locks or cut new keys for your employees whenever a key is lost. All you need to do is delete the old codes and develop new ones for your employees, family members, and friends.

Access Alerts


Another benefit of installing smart locks is instant notification whenever a specific door is opened. You can also tell who has gained access by the code used, giving you more control over the security of your business. Since most smart locks come with apps, you can receive a notification on your phone even when you are not within the premises.

If you want to upgrade the locks on your business, contact us at Top Atlanta Locksmith and schedule a consultation with a professional locksmith in Kennesaw. We guarantee exceptional commercial locksmith services at competitive market rates.

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