Tiburon Ballena by DNA Barcellona architects

Tiburon Ballena Beach club in Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico, a new concept of eco-tourism and a great opportunity of connection with Nature, community, and humans themselves.

Image © DNA Barcellona architects

A unique experience that allows to achieve a balance between mind, body and soul and identify what is Mexico. The project represents a residential complex that consists of 11 two-storey organic villas-nests.

Image © DNA Barcellona architects

The complex is wrapped by a special structure from natural materials, that become part of Nature. Each villa boasts a small swimming pool, balconies, and a roof top with a jacuzzi where the residents can rest and enjoy the precious sea views of Mexico.

Image © DNA Barcellona architects

Also, the project offers a beach club, inspired from the shape of shark, with sun beds that allow to relax and sunbathe, just near to the villas. Source and images Courtesy of DNA Barcellona architects.

Image © DNA Barcellona architectsImage © DNA Barcellona architectsImage © DNA Barcellona architects

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