Fall and Halloween makeup trends 2022 inspired by Rock and Roll Beauty

The season of ghosts, vampires, and sexy nurses is here, and we can’t help but give special notice to the hottest fall makeup trends this 2022! Fall gives you a chance for experimenting with your image, it is a time of many different colours, Halloween makeup ideas and bold back-to-school or university looks. Keep on reading to get the latest ideas to try out in front of your mirror this season with the help of Rock and Roll Beauty collection by Ozzy Osbourne.

Rock and Roll Beauty : Black makeup and Goth eyes

Of course, when it comes to Fall we think of Halloween, and when we think of Halloween we think of the colour black! Goths are not the only ones going with the dark smudgy look this time of year. Dark eyeshadow, messy eyeliner and black mascara here we come! Julia Fox seems to be a die-hard fan of this one, and she is definitely raising the stakes for this trend with her daring black eyeshadow eyes.

Vinyl Lips

If you, like many, spend your free time scrolling through Instagram and keeping tabs on your favourite celebrities, you couldn’t have missed the latest trend with these hot-red glossy lips. Megan Fox and Gigi Hadid are among the many who have enchanted us with the vinyl lips look this season. Kind of e devilish look, don’t you think? Perfect for the upcoming scary festivities! You can choose between a fiery red lipstick or even soft glossy pink, depending on the statement you want to make with your appearance.

Bleached Brows

Talking about taking bold choices, can’t help but think that this is by far the boldest one yet! The web seems to be going bonkers about bleached brows. From Katy Perry to Kim Kardashian to Lizzo, Maisie Williams, and many more. Maybe the trend is not for everyone, but we can’t deny the attention that it is getting. Some don’t even bother with bleaching their hair either, just the brows seems to be enough.

Surely, the Halloween season makes people want to experiment, to try out something new, to want to inspire fear with their eccentric looks, and not care about what others think. That is why I myself am inspired to give the spotlight to the amazing makeup collection by Rock & Roll Beauty.

A collaboration with legends like Def Leppard and Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne, Rock & Roll Beauty cosmetics are a good choice to get ready for this spooky season! From makeup palettes with gloomy and bright colours to lipsticks in dark and bright hues and sparkly eyeshadow is what you will need to achieve that scary, intimating or maybe even soft and magical look you will look for as All Hallows’ Eve approaches.

For fans of rock & roll, for those who would like to dress up as one of their favourite rock musicians for the upcoming Halloween party, or you are just looking for some colourful and shiny makeup ideas you can put to use Rock & Roll Beauty makeup in some of these latest makeup trends:

Sparkly pink eyeshadow with a dash of light pink says 70s glam rock like nothing else. The Def Leppard Artistry Palette comes quite handy with this choice. Not your typical dark and scary Halloween makeup, but definitely makes you stand out in a crowd.

Here is an idea that seems fun! Try drawing little devil horns and a tail on each of your eyes with a bright red lipstick to really bring out the bad in you for All Saints’ Eve. Finishing this eye look with a red hue on your lips and a crimson outfit will completely capture the devilish spirit you seek to obtain.

This one is for Bowie fans, I surely know I am one, and I love this look! The lighting bolt makeup trend is a tribute to Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie’s androgynous alter ego. A look that again encapsulates the glam rock era and has been in style ever since. Traditionally in bright red and light blue, however, options like sparkly purple or blue are also appreciated by those who go with this one. The Ozzy Bat Palette can surely help with getting this look together.

No one said fall makeup looks have to always be spooky. If you are looking for something more elegant and simple, this one is for you! Try blending lipstick with eye crayon to make your lips look bigger and fuller, while also giving them a darker tone.

Another glamour look! Beautiful and intriguing, this idea combines fierce long black eyeliner with soft pale pink, purple or blue eyeshadow that gives you a retro look and states that you are up-to-date with the latest nostalgia trends!

If you have recently seen the trailer for the new Little Mermaid film, and it made you go back in time to these innocent childhood days when you spent your days watching Disney movies, eating candy until your stomach hurts and wishing that you were a princess, mermaid or fairy then you will love this mesmerizing and soft trend that has stunned us this fall season. Not the easiest one to put together, but nonetheless deserves your time and effort to finally get your wish of looking like a magical mermaid! For this one you will need plastic pearls, pink, purple and blue eyeshadow and a lot of sparkle. The Ozzy Metal Flake Eyeshadow Kit will provide you with the glimmer you need. Finish the look with a light pink shade or if you’re feeling malevolent choose a darker tone to make you stand out as an alluring siren!

I hope these ideas have compelled you to run to the nearest drug store as soon as you finish reading this article, so you can equip yourself with everything you need for achieving these looks and start trying them out as soon as you can. With the help of these tips you will be radiant, confident and ready to stand out in front of everyone at your upcoming Halloween party this Fall of 2022!

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