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Among the renovating things for a bedroom, blinds or curtains are equally important as others. When you want to refresh your home, your priority is to refresh the paint coat but the value of the best blinds or curtains cannot be ignored. Because they make the atmosphere of the home soft, clean, and calm with a low temperature in the summer seasons. It is hard to determine either curtains or blinds are best for a bedroom because both of them have their own importance. Personal choice matters a lot in this selection but certain factors are also equally important. Although curtains are the best choice for a bedroom. But nowadays, blinds also have their own popularity level.

Curtains and Blinds:


Curtains are made up of different types of fabric panels. They can vary in size, shape, color, and fabric material. On the other hand, blinds are made up of slats that can move up and down. Blinds are of many types such as roller blinds, roman blinds, etc. Roller blinds are best suited for small rooms. You can add height to your smaller room with roller blinds. These blinds make your room look tall than its real height. Curtains give you complete darkness in the room. This type of darkness is very important for shift workers, doctors, and many other people who want to sleep peacefully in complete darkness. Different countries have their best collection of curtains and blinds such as Korean blinds, best roller blinds Singapore.

Best roller blinds Singapore:


Best roller blinds Singapore is an excellent choice to make your home fully aesthetic and beautiful with a clean atmosphere. Best roller blinds Singapore can become anyone’s 1st choice due to their high quality. These roller blinds give you style as well as proper privacy. Block-out roller blinds can give you total privacy. They can also protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. They can uplift the overall looking of your home. 

Korean blinds:

Korean blinds also fall under the main category of best roller blinds Singapore. Korean blinds are also famous with other names such as rainbow blinds and zebra blinds. They are made up of two layers of fabric.  

Blinds vs Curtains

Price range

Less expensive 
Less time to install
Less manufacturing material is needed
43 to 96 dollars per window

More expensive
More time to install
More material is needed
50 to 250 dollars per window

Light controlling ability

More light adjusting ability
Cannot give you a complete darker room

Can a give a complete block out to light

Need of maintenance or cleaning

Dust can be cleaned with microfibril fiber cloth

Can only be cleaned by washing them in a machine


More than 15 to 20 years 
Mostly Depends upon the cleaning and good handling

More than15 to 20 years 
Depends upon the care and handling of the fabric

Insulation and soundproofing ability 

Reduction in heat loss is 14% in winters
Provides less insulation
Less soundproofing

Reduction in heat loss is 37% in winters
Provides more insulation
More soundproofing due to the usage of fabric material

Designing possibilities 
Size of room 
Blinds are for smaller rooms
Curtains are for larger rooms
Placement of furniture 
Blinds are generally on windows that are above a desk or furniture such as a sofa
That window which is without any nearby furniture 



In light of these factors, we can conclude that selection of curtains or blinds greatly depends upon these factors. We cannot choose between these two without knowing about the looking of that room, where curtains or blinds are needed. Because both of these have their own pros and cons.

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