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When relocating to the Caribbean, you’ll likely look forward to getting some rest after your move.

Although the entire home buying process may require a lot of effort, it can be straightforward and fast if you work with a qualified advisor to purchase  Caribbean real estate property.

Your advisor will give you various options to choose from. If you want to buy a home in the Caribbean and acquire second citizenship at the same time, they will recommend government-approved ones so you can apply under a citizenship by investment program or CIP.

CIPs are second citizenship programs that allow foreigners to own a home in and be citizens of Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, and St. Lucia.

By investing in a government-approved residential property in any of these countries, you can have a second passport and have access to the benefits accorded to citizens. These include tax exemptions or breaks and the right to run a local business. You and your family, if you have one, can also enjoy lifetime dual citizenship.

A property advisor will guide and assist you throughout the home purchasing and CIP application processes. Because of this, you will have fewer things to do and worry about.

The bulk of your hard work, therefore, will come when you prepare for your move to the Caribbean. You’ll need to sort through all your belongings and choose the ones you want to bring, sell, give away, and throw, which can take a lot of time.

Packing the items you want to bring and completing your plans for your current home also requires plenty of work.

However, you can look forward to relaxing and recovering from all the hard work you put into preparing for your move once you arrive in your new home in the Caribbean.

Adding Your Personal Touches to Your Caribbean Home


While you’re relaxing and recovering from all the work and stress you went through pre-move, you still have to find time to decorate your new home and make it your own.

The good news is you don’t have to put a lot of work into sprucing up your house or condo to make it more appealing and turn it into your home completely.

Below are some of the easy, stress-free ways you can decorate your new home in the Caribbean:

Let more natural light in your home.

Sunlight is abundant and free in the Caribbean. As such, use it to make your home more appealing and welcoming.

Hang curtains that let more sunlight into your home. Light-filtering drapes are great options since they provide your space with natural light while still giving you privacy.

Light-filtering curtains diffuse harsh sunlight and block UV rays, thereby creating a pleasing, healthier, and more comfortable ambiance in your home.

Sheer curtains are also excellent options if you have tinted windows or plan to install window films. They give your home a more sophisticated feeling and allow ample natural light to enter the rooms.

Lastly, invest in several mirrors and place them strategically around your home. These accessories brighten spaces effortlessly and make them look more spacious.

Change your lighting fixtures.


If your home is outfitted with incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, replace them with LEDs.

LED lights are as bright as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs yet are more energy-efficient since they use less electricity. Using them around your home helps you reduce your utility bills and carbon footprint.

Also, consider adding removable wall lamps and sconces in your bedroom and living room. These lighting fixtures can add a touch of elegance to these spaces effortlessly.

And since they are removable, you won’t need to drill holes to install them; you only have to stick them to the walls. You can remove them quickly when you want to replace them as well.

Removable wall lighting fixtures come in various styles. Whether your home has a modern, rustic, or coastal interior design or theme, you’ll be able to find items that will work with it.

Decorate your home with plants.

Buying a few native or hardy indoor plants and placing them around your home is another easy way to decorate and beautify your new abode.

Houseplants give a breath of fresh air into your home. Moreover, they add color to any room.

The most popular and hardiest indoor plants you can grow in the Caribbean include begonias, browallias, lantanas, and peperomias.

Other species you can consider are the Boston fern, parlor palm, peace lily, and snake plant.

If you want to get other plants, make sure you choose ones that are low-maintenance and hardy so that caring for them won’t take up too much of your time.

Play with wallpaper.


If you want to make your walls more interesting, look for wallpaper that matches your home interior design style and preferences.

Wallpapers come in permanent and temporary options. If you don’t want to cover an entire wall, go for the removable, impermanent type to decorate it.

Temporary wallpapers are great options for creating accent walls. You can also use them as decorative panels or faux cladding.

If you want to make your kitchen more appealing, use vinyl wallpaper to create a backsplash.

Also, ‌update your cabinets and open shelves with wallpaper instead of painting them.

Temporary wallpaper comes in various colors and designs. You won’t have any difficulty finding one you can use that complements your home design theme.

Create gallery walls.


A gallery wall is a collection of framed photos, artwork, tapestry, and other decor hung in a grouping.

A gallery wall is the perfect way to display the framed or unframed decor from your old home. Whether those are posters or photos of flowers, trees, or abstract art, adorn your walls with them to make them more appealing.

Creating a gallery wall using photos of your loved ones and anything that reminds you of happy memories is also a great way to make your new house or condo homier. You also won’t have to worry about where to put them around your abode.

Use adhesive hooks or hanging strips instead of nails to hang your framed photos and artwork. By doing so, you can skip the hard work of using a hammer or drill and creating holes that can be difficult to repair.

Adhesive hooks and strips are also easier to remove when you want to rearrange your gallery wall.

After moving to the Caribbean, take these steps to decorate your space to feel more settled and comfortable in your home.

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