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Having trees in your yard not only provides shade and privacy, but supports the ecosystem on your property by providing a habitat for animals, birds, and insects. While the benefits of having trees around are abundant, successfully (and tastefully) including them in your outdoor landscaping plans can seem like an impossible task. Whether you’re looking to make a particular tree the star of your yard or you’re considering the idea of planting a few to create a cohesive design, there are plenty of ideas to work with.

Adding color in simple ways

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When looking to bring a pop of color to an otherwise bland landscape, making trees a cohesive part of your yard can be as simple as incorporating subtle additions. Accenting your trees with landscaping lights is just one option, which can be ideal for those that line a driveway for example, though wrapping trees with LEDs is another worthy consideration. The Spruce notes that lighting is suitable for most types of trees, such as evergreens, palm trees, and deciduous trees. Regarding the color of the lights, The Spruce explains that white is universal and suitable all year round, though it is recommended to match each tree whether you choose warm or cool tones.

While planting an ornamental tree is a great way to incorporate a fresh pop of color into your landscape, though for those looking to make the most out of the trees that are already present a decorative flower bed around the base can present a worthy alternative. Building a flower bed around a tree is a great way to give an existing tree plenty of character, and it’s recommended to match or align with flower beds that you may already have, according to MyMove, which goes on to note that color can be found in both annuals or perennials. Further choices, from lava rock to mulch, brick borders and various decor can make for the ultimate way to personalize any tree.

Creating an eye-catching garden

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Creating a garden with the tree at the center stage of your yard can be a great way to transform an outdoor space. The Spruce cites one example, designed by Zeterre Landscape Architecture. The garden, which is located in Oakland, California, was created over 15 years with the goal being to create five gardens within the property which work to complement the home’s architecture. The Spruce goes on to explain that because Japanese maple trees are known for their small/medium size, they’re ideal for features such as raised beds or large containers, making them perfect for a calming garden.

While investing in a particular tree that complements your home can help create an amazing garden, incorporating the trees already on your property into the garden of your dreams is entirely possible, too. However, it’s imperative to ensure that it’s in good health before beginning. Pruning dead branches, for instance, can be a great way to help your tree, though if the tree itself is dead/dying or is severely damaged, getting it removed is likely the best option in order to prevent further issues (for example, dead trees can become a magnet for pests/insects). When looking to get a tree removed, it’s important to note that there are a variety of factors at play when determining the overall cost of such an endeavor. From the type of tree you’re removing to the condition of the tree, even your location factors into the price. With that in mind, the final cost of tree removal is best determined by a professional removal service.

Adding a functional element

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When looking to spruce up your landscaping, adding a functional element or two can work to transform your yard into an inviting outdoor space. For those who enjoy relaxing outdoors, creating a designated space that includes elements like comfortable seating as well as features such as a fish pond is just one option. Installing a swing is another idea when looking to create a functional space. Whether it be an addition for the kids, to add a relaxing element to a garden, or to simply add character to a singular tree on the property, a swing can bring multiple purposes to your landscape. Angi.com notes that before installing a swing, it’s imperative to choose the right tree for the job — in addition to being a sturdy tree, it’s recommended to select a mature hardwood tree, with some of the best options including oak, sycamore, ash and maple trees. Whether you choose to install a classic two-rope and board style swing or a dressed-up hanging chair, there are plenty of options to choose from to complement the rest of your landscape.

Spicing up your landscape by incorporating your trees may be the last thing on your to-do list, though doing so successfully can tie together your yard in the ultimate way. Whether you choose to create an entire garden, add a functional element like a swing or simply illuminate your trees, there is an option out there to meet anyone’s landscaping goals.

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