Mumbai City Museum by AL_A

Using the power of absence to create connections between history and the future, a sunken courtyard is embedded between the existing Museum building and the new North Wing.

The courtyard is a metaphor for the cycle of the seasons, capturing the dramatic contrasts of the climate. It creates a place for contemplation and reflection and a place for community.

Image © AL_A

Encircling the courtyard is Mumbai Modern, a gallery that forms the beating heart of the Museum, mediating between the old and the new.

The new wing is a silent art container clad in a veil of red stone that speaks of the history of Indian craftsmanship. Source by AL_A.

Image © AL_A

Location: Mumbai, India

Architect: AL_A

Client: Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum Trust

Programme: Masterplan & new galleries for permanent and temporary exhibitions

Status: Competition: 2nd Prize – Jury’s Honourable Mention

Area: 15,700 m2

Year: 2023

Images: Courtesy of AL_A

Image © AL_A

Image © AL_A

Image © AL_A

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