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Netherlands-based studio Arch Mist has been announced as the final winner of “Jamsu Bridge, Bridge of Culture” competition in Seoul, Korea. Arch Mist’s proposal includes the repurposing of the 795-meter-long bridge, to be transformed into the “longest art gallery” over the Han River, offering a unique exhibition space and providing public areas for cultural and art events.

Situated in center of Seoul, Jamsu Bridge spans across the Han River, linking two of the most important districts Yongsan and Seocho. The project aims to pedestrianize the Jamsu Bridge and create a walking-friendly space as a flagship initiative under the ‘Great Hangang Project’ (Han River Renaissance 2.0) by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Arch Mist ‘s design introduces multiple city balconies and ramp connections to create a visual focal point from afar and provide a sequence of panoramic viewpoints over the river. To give it a human-scale space quality, an elevated deck level is added to divide the 11-meter- high space vertically with multiple lifted city balconies.

With newly designed multiple decks and balconies, it brings many new possibilities for activities. In daily life, it could be used as a gallery space for art, holding permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as a weekly market for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Image © Arch Mist

Moreover, it will also hold special events, for instance, a runway with theatre seats, a public movie theatre during the night, weddings, or selfie photos, providing a unique experience for interacting with the water fountain on Banpo Bridge without interfering with pedestrian connectivity on the newly added upper deck.

When considering the design of the bridge, the color choice serves dual purposes. Firstly, it extends a warm invitation to all. The vibrant hue, visible from afar, creates a charm that attracts everyone to visit. Secondly, the dynamic energy of this color creates a unique social atmosphere, fostering meaningful interactions and inspiring visitors.

Image © Arch Mist

The pink elevated pedestrian bridge was well-received for its vitality and openness. “The coloration and the dynamic design will be a unique characteristic of the submarine bridge and will serve as a landmark,” said Sujin Song, Professor from Korea University.

The landscape design not only enriches the overall natural environment but also creates space for everyone visiting. Floating planters are introduced to create a wetland corridor in the river to improve biodiversity and the microclimate on the bridge.

Image © Arch Mist

A curvy waterfront boundary will maximize the perimeter of the water interface. The redesigned bike path will follow the curve of the lower deck, providing a fun riding experience, and slow down the speed to provide safe space for pedestrians.

From a structural perspective, the design uses minimal and rational structural intervention to maximize the improvement of the space. The added deck and balcony will be anchored to the existing piers and suspended with cables.

Image © Arch Mist

All the cables will be connected to a steel jacket connecting the original bridge piers to provide a safe and reliable load transition to the existing foundation. In order to create designs that can be swiftly constructed and minimize maintenance, the newly added structures are designed as modular elements based on the constant span between columns.

The design creates a new urban environment that weaves together the structure, natural landscape, and art programme to create a synergy in culture and ecology in Gangnam and Gangbuk areas and seeks to define a new and future-proof urban heart for the city of Seoul. The construction begins next year and is expected to be completed by 2026.

Image © Arch Mist

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Architect: Arch Mist

Lead Designer: Ningzhu Wang

Local Engineer: CPA Consulting Structural Engineers

Local Architect: MADI.MGT Architects & Consulting Co. Ltd.

Coordinator: Hyunggyu Choi

Client: Seoul Metropolitan Future Urban Spaces Planning Bureau

Gross Built Area: 8650m2

Year: 2026

Images: SAN, ZHENGXUAN, Courtesy of Arch Mist

Image © Arch Mist

Image © Arch Mist

Image © Arch Mist

Image © Arch Mist

Image © Arch Mist

Image © Arch Mist

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