Places in Lucknow For Architecture Enthusiasts

Lucknow is famous for most people as ‘the land of Tunday Kababs, Nihari, and Tehzeeb’. However, there is more to this place that is steeped in the city’s rich history, culture, and tradition. Take time and embrace this treasure trove of cultural diversity. From historical monuments of the Nawabs to the British architecture, every nook and corner of Lucknow has something for everyone.

Bara Imambara

The Bara Imambara, also known as the Asafi Imambara is named after the Nawab of Lucknow who constructed the mosque. The Imambara is considered as the world’s largest structure that stands without any external support. This makes it a work of engineering genius and another example of the brilliance of Mughal architecture. However, what steals the show here is that the building is the maze of corridors known as Bhul Bhulaiya.

Rumi Darwaza

Another example of the Awadhi royalty of the bygone times is the Rumi Darwaza, which stands sentinel in the middle of daily traffic and chaos in Lucknow. It is a close replica of a similar structure that existed in ancient times in the Byzantine Empire. Rumi Darwaza also has a fascinating history behind it

Hazratganj Market

The Ganj as it is locally called is a famous market in Lucknow and almost every local’s favourite hangout spot. It can be compared to Connaught Place in Delhi and MG Road of Bengaluru in terms of energy and vibrancy. Eat, shop, window-shop or simply just hang around doing nothing – the choice is yours. Treat yourself to delicacies at local haunts such as Royal Café and Chedilal or gorge on the popular Paanch Pani Ke Baatashe.

Chowk Area

The Chowk area in Lucknow is one of the oldest markets in North India and one of the unique places to see in Lucknow. The Chowk is probably as old as Lucknow and it dates back to the times of the Nawabs and Kings who ruled this city. Whatever you desire, from the famous Chikan and Zardori dresses, traditional jewellery, nagara shoes, ittar perfume to the mouth-watering Tunday Kebabs, Chowk market has it all.

Chattar Manzil

The Chattar Manzil is also known as Umbrella Palace. The historical building located Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh serves as a palace for the rulers of Awadh and their wives. Chattar Manzil was built in Indo-European architecture style in the 1780s.

(Source: Originally written by Riddhi Adsul on RepublicWorld)

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