A SketchUp tool to help you reorganize seating arrangements in the post Covid-19 workspace

MODELUR, a parametric urban design company have just released a simple, free post Covid-19 design tool that can help you plan the seating layouts with the appropriate in-between distancing. The CoviDistance Calculator is implemented as a SketchUp plugin.

You have to set the allowed minimum distance that needs to be kept between the chairs and after that the tool visually shows you which of the chairs don’t conform to the given distance specification. While you move the chairs around the 3D scene, this information is updated on-the-fly, so you always know where you stand with your arrangement.

Adding and removing chairs and tables to your design is a simple matter of picking them from the given library or creating a duplicate of those already present in the view.

The tool is free for anyone to use and it will prove to be useful for adjusting the seating in the offices, restaurants and similar establishments and help mitigate the risk in people returning to these places.

You can download it either from developer’s website modelur.eu, in few days it will be available also on directly from within SketchUp and its Extension Warehouse.

The CoviDistance Calculator is not a stand-alone program and needs to be run as a plugin for the desktop version of SketchUp 3D modeling software.

(Source: Modelur website )

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