A Quick Guide to Decorate Your Home

Whether you are moving to a new house or revamping the present one, you want to have appealing home decor. Though it seems a tedious task, with proper planning, you can decorate your home easily.

How to decorate your home?

Decorating style: If you figure out the kind of decor you want in your home, your work is half-done! Most people select interior decor as per the exterior style of the home. The 4 popular home decorating styles are

  • Modern: This decorating style features clean lines and tailored structures. Mostly involves wood-tone coloured furniture, modern elements like statement lights and art pieces.
  • Contemporary: It involves a minimalist approach. Normally, including black, white and grey hues. It mostly has metal frameworks and glass instead of wood finishes. You can highlight natural features of the home, like windows or any wall details.
  • Transitional style: It suits most homes. It is a blend of modern and traditional styles. It involves using neutral colours, wood finishes, furniture, including curvy sofas and colours like olive greens, reds and off-white shades.
  • Farmhouse: It is fun, cosy, and inviting home decor. Sofas with overstuffed colourful cushions, beautiful wall decor, antique pieces, and casual looking furniture are perfect for this style.

Make a plan for all the rooms: It is best to break down-home decor plan instead of decorating all at once. Start with the room you spend the most time in, like a bedroom or living room, and then do one room at a time. You don’t need to design all rooms in the same style; you can choose different styles. You can add an element that unifies all the room, maybe a colour or decor item.

Paint the walls: Pay attention to the paint. Repaint walls as per the colour of choice. You can also make a wall of different related hues, which will be the room’s focal point. Use wall accessories like a big painting, vintage wall clock or dreamcatchers to highlight it.

Start with big pieces: Now that you have decided the concept of the room, start by putting big pieces. For instance,  bed for the bedroom, sofa for the living room, or dining table for the dining area. It will also help you save money as then you only have to accessorise the big pieces or pick up some side tables or coffee tables.

As you start decorating, you get new ideas about placing rugs, storage cabinets, lamps and wall art. Experiment with different set-ups until you find the perfect one.

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