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During hot summers, air conditioners become our life savers. We won’t blame you if you are tempted to use your AC all day long. The cooling of the air conditioning system during hot days can improve sleep, reduce asthma attacks, and lead to better air quality, among other things. Homeowners tend to use it more frequently when the temperature is at the highest in the day, like in the afternoons, while some people keep it running even when they are not at home.

But there should be a daily limit to how much AC is used, as continuous cooling can have several health implications and could also take a toll on your electricity bills. This article uncovers how long your AC should be used during the day and what are some health and economic implications of running it too long.

How Many Hours Per Day Should the AC Run? 


Air conditioning units in certain regions, on average during summer months, can cool an appropriately-sized room in about 15 to 20 minutes. Usually, after this period, the AC shuts down itself. But in some cases, the unit could run even longer and never shut down when the temperatures are high. You’d have to switch it off yourself to ensure that your energy bills are not unbelievably long and to ensure that the cooling of your system is not affected by having to work double time. Additionally, running AC for too long could negatively impact your health. 

While it’s hard to say no to all day-long cooling from the AC, you should run your air conditioner for 8 hours a day for comfortable room temperature, while in some cases, 12 to 16 hours per day on average. Although, if the day is unusually hot, then you’d have no choice but to push the limit to 20 or more hours. But that’s in rare cases when the heat is above the normal levels. Certain air conditioners are designed to run all day long, given their robust capacity, but that doesn’t mean you need to use them 24 hours. 

Issues That Air Conditioning Units May Face If They Run All Day


Air conditioners can experience several issues if they are used 24 hours a day. You may have to get it repaired often. If you require assistance with your air conditioner, call for AC Repair at House Pro. Here are some common problems that your AC could face if they are used all day long. Keep in mind that it’s only a probability that issues would pop up and not a rule. 

Blocked airflow
Dirty evaporator or condenser coil 
Low refrigerant

It should be noted that your AC would run all day if your thermostat is turned onto “on”. To fix it, you can change the setting of the thermostat to “auto.” This would ensure that your AC runs only till the time the desired temperature is achieved. You would also have to ensure that the temperature is set to desired levels and not lower than that. 

Factors That Determine The Hours Of AC Usage 


Your air conditioning system could be influenced to run more or less depending on several factors. Here are a few to name. 

The outdoor temperature 
The thermostat settings (what temperature it has been set to)
The size of the air conditioner 
The size of the room 
The type of AC you own 
The insulation on your home 
Other factors pertaining to your house’s energy efficiency 

Regular maintenance from reputed AC service providers should keep such problems from occurring at bay. But at times, things could slip through the cracks, and technical issues could inevitably pop their head. If that ever happens, the AC repair services would do the trick, and you won’t be forced to replace the unit, which could prove to be considerably more expensive than repairs. With regular maintenance, you could at least be able to save up on repairs. 

Health Implications of Using To Much Of Your AC 


As we mentioned before, there’s no denying that using AC all day long could lead to hefty electricity bills, and could also cause the system to break down from overuse. Apart from that, overusing AC could also negatively affect your health. Here’s how.

Dry skin 
Itchy skin 
Respiratory issues 
Infectious diseases 
Adaptation to cold air 

Nothing in excess is ever good; the same goes for your air conditioner. You don’t want your body to become too accustomed to cold air that real air temperature becomes too stressful for you. 

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