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Hello Readers! There is a new trend in gardening the world buzzing around garden lovers. Do you know that? The idea is about having a greenhouse cabinet in your garden or gallery garden. Yes, you have read it right. There is a cabinet specially designed for plants that need a little amount of sunlight and do not need much care. That cabinet is also known as greenhouse cabinets.

So what is the concept of a greenhouse cabinet all about? Well, it is a special cabinet for plants. It is a trending hack that any plant-lover can try. It is a setup made in a cabinet for plants to grow in artificial conditions or atmosphere. An indoor greenhouse cabinet includes growing lights as the source of natural sunlight. A small fan is also installed in this cabinet for air circulation.

How To Make IKEA Milsbo Greenhouse Cabinet?


The first thing you need is glass-fronted IKEA cabinets. It is available in four different models. They are  Detolf, Fabrikor, Milsbo and Rudsta. Pick IKEA Milsbo Cabinet for making greenhouse. As per your preference for aesthetics and space, you can choose one from the other four cabinets. After that, assemble the IKEA cabinet. Drill a hole for all cords of the humidifier and lights.

Place lights on the top of the cabinet inside. If you want to choose LED strips, you can choose a double-sided tap. Moreover, you can also use magnetic hooks to hang lights. After placing lights in the proper place, you have to add other pieces of equipment. They are a small fan and a humidifier. The fun part begins now! Add plants into your newly made IKEA Milsbo greenhouse cabinet.

Choose plants that need minimal light. Put them slightly away from each other to grow them properly. Too many plants will mashup things and the purpose will not be fulfilled. Finally, it is time to turn on your greenhouse cabinets. Plug-in fan and humidifier and lights. You will be amazed to see your plants thriving in the IKEA greenhouse cabinet in Millsboro.

Why Are Greenhouse Cabinets Trending?


The idea of making a DIY IKEA greenhouse cabinet is to use space in the best effective way. Additionally, it is a perfect solution for those urban home gardeners, who are looking for an explanation for not receiving much sunlight in their apartments.

Making an indoor greenhouse cabinet is a great idea to make a small and dedicated place for plants in your apartment. Gardeners who move to other cities or countries and find difficulty in pursuing their hobby of planting and nurturing plants due to lack of space have a perfect solution as greenhouse cabinets. When you become obsessed with plants, you find different ways to cultivate them.

The tools used here are very affordable to make your dream greenhouse cabinet. It is a simple, effective, and affordable way of growing plants in your home. It will add an aesthetic appeal to your interior decoration too. 

Maintenance Tips For IKEA Milsbo Greenhouse

It is easy to maintain the IKEA greenhouse cabinet once you install it. For the first fortnight pay close attention to your plants. You have to make sure that plants are adapting to their new environment properly. If your notice mild stress, modify your watering if needed. As you use a humidifier in the greenhouse cabinet, it is more humid compared to other areas of your house. Therefore, it does not need frequent watering.

Another idea greenhouse cabinet hack is to use a temperature and humidity meter. It monitors the actual condition of the cabinet. It is easier to get back the humidity levels as per your need with the help of a humidifier. You can increase and decrease the humidity levels according to the seasons and the atmosphere in your area. Make sure that your indoor greenhouse cabinet has proper ventilation. Keep the doors slightly open if humidity levels go up.

Moreover,  it is necessary to clean the cabinet periodically. It can be a month or every two months. You have to take out the plants for a while during the cleaning process. Don’t take out cords and unplug them unnecessarily during the cleaning process. Installing the whole system again is a daunting task so keep the cords as it is while cleaning.

In this way, you can take care of your greenhouse cabinet.

Hacks To Improve IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet 

Change The Glass Shelves With Wire Shelves


Metal cabinets with glass shelves hold more humidity. It is necessary to some extent. Replace the glass shelves with wire shelves. It will look classy and help circulate air and moisture in the greenhouse cabinet fastly. You will maintain uniform temperature and humidity from top to bottom inside the cabinet if you choose wire shelves.

Hang The Grow Lights On Each Shelf

Hanging grow lights on each shelf will increase the lightning effect. It will act as decor. Your indoor greenhouse cabinet will look fantastic. It will add aesthetics to your overall interior decoration. Lights will serve a dual purpose- add aesthetics and help the plants to grow.

Try Different Types Of Cabinets


One cabinet may not fulfill your needs. So install a second cabinet with a different size and design. Mix and match the cabinets according to your plant selection. There are enough varieties available for Ikea greenhouse cabinets. For example, pair a tall cabinet with a short cabinet beside it. This will look symmetrical look.

Adjust The Heights Of The Shelves

Ikea always provides customization in most of the products. Don’t be afraid to adjust the height of the shelves according to the plants’ height. Because it is adjustable, It will be easier to choose varieties of plants in one cabinet.

Install Lattice Behind The Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet


An amazing idea to decorate the space around the cabinet is to install a lattice. It will not only add decor to the room but also act as support for hanging plants. You can hang plants that do not require more humidity on the lattice.

Always Select Pretty Planters

Your Indoor Greenhouse cabinet must have some pretty planters to show off. They can add more charm and variety to the decor. Greenhouse cabinets are not only for plants. It can be used as decor to add to the room.

Final Thoughts

This new trend of installing Ikea greenhouse cabinets is solving the problem of space and lighting for urban homes. Still, it needs improvement and styling. If you make it by yourself, you will enjoy the process. The best part about this indoor greenhouse cabinet is that they serve a dual purpose. Greenhouse cabinets will act as plant-growing cabinets and also work as a decor piece. Install the cabinet and upgrade it seasonally.  

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