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Preparing to put a property on the market can be an extremely stressful and busy time. Rather than trying to completely transform the house, it’s important to focus on smart renovation projects. 

This way, you can essentially get away with doing necessary upgrades that won’t break the budget. However, when it comes to home improvements that will increase home value, it is worthwhile installing some big ticket items too.

By mixing budget friendly improvements with a statement piece, you can help your home create a story. In the short term, this story will ensure that your home is both functional and stylish. In the long term, this story will entice potential buyers to sign on the dotted line. 

10 home improvement tips 

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When it comes to improving a home with the intention to increase its value, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. However, by breaking the project down into key areas, a clear plan emerges. 

Rather than attempting to overhaul the entire home, think smarter. By performing a few key refresher tasks to things like walls, fixtures and gardens, first impressions can improve exponentially. 

Importantly, these types of small renovations leave room for big ticket items that will not only provide return on investment, but actually exponentially increase the value of your home. Simply because of the lifestyle such renovations can afford. 

First impressions count 

Walking up to a home with a dull front door, broken fence and overgrown lawn is an immediate red flag. In fact, it essentially sets the tone for the rest of the home to be a disappointment to buyers.

With this in mind, consider replacing the front door or even repainting it. Make sure the letterbox and fence is also in a good condition. From there, focus on removing weeds from the garden and mowing the lawn. This gives the impression of a home that is well looked after. 

Never underestimate the importance of paint 

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When living in a home, we of course love to stamp our personal style on the place. This may include vibrant feature walls or unique wallpaper. While these touches may be stylish, they inhibit buyers from being able to envision their fresh start. 

As such, consider painting walls white or another neutral colour. This helps buyers visualise their new life. It also helps to cover up general signs of wear and tear such as marks or stains. Importantly, freshly painted walls offer a certain sense of vibrancy to a house. 

Upgrades fixtures and fittings

In order to modernise a home, a great renovation project is to update fixtures and fittings. This upgrade can occur in the kitchen and bathroom by replacing faucets, sinks or cabinet handles. In the living areas of the home, consider replacing light fixtures and their switches. 

Invest in rugs

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A home’s floor can tell a very intricate story. There may be pieces taken out of the floor, scratches or even stains. However, hiding these flaws can be time consuming and costly. The smarter move is to invest in rugs that can help add style while hiding a few family secrets!

Pay attention to window treatments

Window treatments such as blinds and other coverings can quickly go out of style. This spells bad news and these treatments can unnecessarily date your house. As such, it’s important to research on trend styles and install the right window treatments. 

Lean into the light

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A home that is open and light is an immediate game changer. With this in mind, consider installing skylights in the kitchen or perhaps installing a few more lights in traditionally dark rooms of the home.

Refresh the bathroom

While there are major upgrades that owners can perform in bathrooms, there are minor improvements that can be made that will achieve the same wow factor. For example, re-grouting tiles or installing a new shower screen and toilet can breathe new life into the space.

Create an extension 

When it comes to buying a home, individuals will pay a premium for space. Therefore, in order to increase your property’s value, consider adding an extension. This extension might be another bedroom or a bigger garage. The extension just needs to add more functionality.  

Go big 

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While it can be tempting to perform small home improvement tasks, it’s good to install some big ticket items. For one, the combination of a few big ticket items and small improvements won’t break the bank. Additionally, big ticket items add the most value to a home.

With this in mind, consider installing a pool in the backyard. If your home already has a pool, take advantage of the space with a basketball court. Internally, consider an elevator, just remember to match the elevator’s style to the home’s overall vibe and adhere to safety guidelines

Don’t forget the backyard

When renovating, it can be easy to forget cleaning up and refreshing the outside of the home. As such, make sure the gardens are tidy and the lawn has been freshly mowed. If there is an external sitting area or deck, consider a pressure wash to clean off dirt and other debris. 

Renovating a home with resale value in mind 

Renovating a home is an undoubtedly large undertaking. However, when undertaking renovations with resale value in mind, there is an added layer of stress. To make sure that you’re making the right improvements, it’s important to work smarter, not harder. 

Rather than taking rooms apart, consider the value of a fresh coat of paint and perhaps some new fittings. By being smart during small projects, you leave enough time and money to complete big renovations that will help tell your home’s story and of course, increase its value.

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