Living Green Design with RMJM

In recognition of World Conservation Day on the 28th of July, we have used the month as a chance to focus our energies on showcasing what sustainability means for our team at RMJM.

RMJM’s ‘Sustainability Objectives’
Within RMJM there has always been a driving force to produce sustainable and meaningful projects. We acknowledge the fundamental relationship between architecture and the deterioration of the environment.

Meydan Business Park

Thus, the decision has been made to release our official ‘Sustainability Objectives’. To learn about what we have, are and will be doing for a cleaner Earth and better future, click on the link to read the attached report.

Designing with Nature: With Luca Aldrighi
We have interviewed Luca Aldrighi, Managing Director at RMJM Milano, about environmental choices and the most significant factors that influence his day to day design decisions.

Green Community

Living Green Design
At RMJM, we explore beyond the narrative of normative development in order to create added value, envisioning a family’s activity throughout the day by connecting linear paths from the home, to the heart of the community.

We also step outside of this to set a separate narrative, influencing how and why people utilise green offices and the surrounding spaces. Read our blog to learn more about how we pursue our sustainable narrative at RMJM.

Sanko HQ, Büyükdere Caddesi

Asian Pacific Property Awards 2022-2023
We are pleased to announce that four of RMJM’s projects have won in the prestigious Asia Pacific Property Awards 2022-2023!

The awards celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property & real estate industry and are known for being a world-renowned mark of excellence. Source and images Courtesy of RMJM.

Shenzhen Bay Innovation and Technoly CenterDeli Tower DevelopmentNingbo Internationa Trade and Exbition CenterNingbo Fashion Creative Center

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