What is the meaning of Medusa tattoo? Our 20 Gorgon tattoo ideas to inspire you!

Are you looking for an original and unusual tattoo at the same time? The editors have a pretty bold (but also a bit evil) idea for you that you couldn’t resist. And if you’re a fan of Greek mythology, you’ll definitely enjoy it. A snake-haired woman whose gaze petrifies any mortal who crosses her path… yes, this is the Medusa tattoo which is gaining popularity among both women and men. But what is the meaning of this bizarre pattern? We shall explain everything while also reveal a myriad of inspiring ideas!

What is the story of Medusa?

As we mentioned above, the story of Medusa has its origins in Greek mythology. She is a pretty young girl, one of the three Gorgons. According to the legend, Poseidon seduced Medusa into a temple of Athena. Furious and jealous, the goddess of war decided to punish the young girl and transformed her into a monster. As a result, Medusa’s hair turned into snakes as her gaze petrified all who crossed her path. Medusa’s story ends with her beheading performed by Perseus (helped by Athena and Hermes). Then he used her head to petrify the sea monster sent by Poseidon and to free Andromeda.

What is the meaning of Medusa tattoo?

Looking for a trendy tattoo to give your skin an indelible design worthy of the name? How about a Gorgon tattoo? Before taking the plunge, it is important to first inform yourself of what it symbolizes in order to better determine if it really suits you. So, what about the meaning of Medusa tattoo? For some, this mythological character represents female power, deliverance and transformation. But for others, it embodies evil, as well as jealousy. Other meanings include danger, vulnerability, feminine wisdom, hardship, etc. No matter how you choose to interpret it, the ending of the myth is always the same: Medusa dies beheaded by Perseus.

There are many techniques and styles to get a Medusa tattoo and each design has its own particularities. Note that this is an image generally popular with horror tattoo enthusiasts. Let’s see some of the most popular representations before entering the gallery.

The most popular depictions of Medusa Gorgon

Most often, Medusa is worn on the arm as a discreet woman tattoo that is easy to conceal. In the case above, the head with the snakes is on the back arm, one of the places most preferred by the girls. This tattoo has a minimalist look thanks to its fine and clean lines.

The wrist is the other place that can benefit from a Medusa tattoo and this is valid for both men and women. Whether it is a small discreet image, a slightly larger tattoo or a bracelet style, the wrist tattoo for women and men with a Gorgon pattern is to be considered.

For more daring gentlemen, the Medusa tattoo comes in XXL size to cover part of the arm or its entirety. Known as a cuff, this style is especially sported by men who want to show love for tattoo art. For information, the woman’s cuff tattoo is not to be neglected either.

Medusa tattoo: A lot of ideas to inspire you!

Very realistic Medusa Gorgon tattooed on a man’s thigh

Evil tattoo of Medusa and the phases of the Moon on the forearm

Medusa XXL tattoo on the thigh for daring people

Medusa Gorgon is the most famous Greek mythology tattoo

Large snakes for a Medusa arm tattoo

Colorful tattoo that will turn heads

The Gorgon as a female hand tattoo

Medusa Bracelet Tattoo

Discreet female tattoo on the forearm with fine lines and minimalist design

Similar to women, men also benefit from Gorgon tattooed on the hand

Woman tattoo on the arm that embodies feminine power

Medusa illustrated as a beautiful maiden with snake hair

Medusa with geometric patterns

Evil Medusa on the forearm

Original Gorgon tattoo on the ankle

Medusa tattoo on the thigh that gives the illusion of shiny elements

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