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The use of the best materials is often a guarantee of a high-quality product. This is especially important wherever the safety of people around depends on the quality of the structure.  For this reason, materials with specific characteristics are used in machines designed to perform particularly heavy-duty work.  One of them is construction and engineering steels.

What is and why do you need professional engineering steel?
How to choose the best type of steel for the most heavy-duty machines?

But what really are structural steels and which are worth using in structures that require special care for high quality?  Let’s try to find the answer to this question.

What is and why do you need professional engineering steel?


Engineering steels are a type of steel intended primarily for solutions in the engineering industry.  Due to this, this material has special properties.  These include plasticity, flexibility, fatigue resistance and resistance to damage.  Sometimes high or low temperature resistant solutions are also available.  This type of steel is the best solution where these features are of the greatest importance.  It is worth noting that among engineering steels there are many different types and types that differ in their individual properties.

How to choose the best type of steel for the most heavy-duty machines?


Heavy-duty machines are designed to perform particularly difficult tasks.  For this reason, they require excellent materials that will guarantee the highest safety and trouble-free operation. For example,  36NiCrMo16, 1.6773, 35NCD16, 30NCD16, 30NiCrMo16 are types of steel that are considered good for creating components for heavy-duty machines. Detailed information about them, specifications and descriptions that will help you choose the best type for a specific task can be found on the website virgamet. Check to find more. These structural steels are intended for the most loaded elements of various types of structures.  This is because thanks to the high nickel content, they are characterized by high plasticity and strength.


Well-selected structural steels are a guarantee of high quality, plasticity, hardenability and resistance of the structure.  By using the services of professional suppliers, you can enjoy excellent steel, and as a result, a failure-free machine or a stable structure, and much more.  It is worth choosing the highest quality materials for your own safety and that of other people. 

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