Salmon Eye by Kvorning Design

Salmon Eye is a floating aquaculture information center and art installation in Norway’s Hardangerfjord, located just outside Rosendal. Its unique architecture, design, and immersive experience installations have been created by Kvorning Design, intending to inspire and inform the world on how to better feed the planet with sustainable seafood.

What you see is what you get
Salmon Eye is a world-class visitor and learning center designed to communicate the impact of aquaculture and its production techniques. The exterior design of the center mimics the shiny, silvery skin of salmon and the shape takes after the fish’s eye – hence the name of the center Salmon Eye.

It glistens brightly in the Hardangerfjord, one of Norway’s most stunning fjords, and can be seen from miles away – it can even be seen from an airplane landing at the nearby airport or through the latest uploaded satellite images made by Google Earth. Indeed, it is quickly becoming an iconic, floating landmark in Norway.

Arne Kvorning, CEO of Kvorning Design and mastermind of the architectural design of the pavilion, is very satisfied with the outcome, especially because the unveiling of the pavilion revealed how the produced design stayed completely true to the sketches and visuals he made back in 2019:

Photo Courtesy of Kvorning Design

“Salmon Eye will become an international design icon for Eide Fjordbruk and revolutionize sustainable aquaculture in the future. I am convinced that the floating aquaculture information center and art installation will be setting new standards for sustainable aquaculture in every aspect. Design, interaction, research, technology, and immersive experiences. I am extremely thrilled to experience how the initial ideas are intact.

Salmon Eye looks completely like our early visuals. It has been fantastic to design the floating pavilion together with such a trustful, ambitious and visionary entrepreneur like Sondre Eide, the Eide family, and the dedicated team at Eide Fjordbruk who believed in the idea and envisioned its full potential from the very beginning three years ago.”

Photo Courtesy of Kvorning Design

Sustainable aquaculture in new evolutionary way
Salmon Eye intends to be a leading forum for learning, teaching, and holding open discussions about tomorrow’s salmon farming. The aim is to build and evolve toward creating highly sustainable means of aquaculture practices. For many years now Eide Fjordbruk has been on the forefront of developing highly sustainable salmon farming: indeed, they were the first fish farming company to produce carbon-neutral salmon and the first to share environmental reports.

One of their latest implemented policies was to have their working boats and facilities be fully operational on green energy. In addition, they are also in the final phase of developing a new closed technology system, called Watermoon, which enables them to farm in the fjord with no negative impact on the local environment, climate, and other animal and plant species. Source by Kvorning Design.

Photo Courtesy of Kvorning DesignPhoto Courtesy of Kvorning DesignLocation: In the Hardangerfjord at Hågardsneset just outside Rosendal, NorwayArchitect: Kvorning DesignAV: Creative Technology NorwayContractor AS: Fluctus, NorwayFabrication: Marketex Marine, EstoniaClient: Eide Fjordbruk, Hålandsdalen, NorwayHeight: 14,55 m spanning 4 levels (above and below the water)Area: 1,000.6 square metersWeight: 1,256 tonsGrand Unveiling: 2nd of September, 2022Photographs: Courtesy of Kvorning DesignPhoto Courtesy of Kvorning DesignPhoto Courtesy of Kvorning DesignPhoto Courtesy of Kvorning DesignPhoto Courtesy of Kvorning Design

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