How to give volume to fine and flat hair? 5 ideas that work!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have silky, voluminous hair. If yours turns out to be thin, smooth or soft, you’ve come to the right place! Braids, dry shampoo, trendy coloring, curtain bangs… there are several easy and clever techniques to give volume to fine and flat hair. Here are 5 of them to pump up your mane. Let’s go!

What cut / hairstyle will help you give volume to fine and flat hair?

To boost your mane, you start by choosing the right trendy short haircut. Pixie, bixie or mullet cut, you are spoiled for choice to gain volume! The idea? Opt for a layered look to create a sort of superposition of hair layers. To give it style, just sweep the parting on the side, change the movement of the locks or even go for a wavy bob. Braids are equally suitable for boosting fine or flat hair.

What color to choose to give volume to the hair?

For hair full of volume, there is no need to go short or succumb to long curtain bangs. Besides the Pixie cut, there is another solution to give the illusion of a dense and voluminous mane. Done at home using a special kit or at the colorist, blonde balayage on blonde hair allows you to change color without going through a radical hair metamorphosis. It’s perfect for women of all ages who are looking for a way to add flair and movement to their mane. The most daring can simply choose not to color their roots anymore. YES, you got it right! The “dark roots on blond hair” effect is another effective trick to gain volume.

What homemade recipe  will help you to increase hair volume?

Those of you with fine, straight hair know how hard it is to boost your mane and keep it voluminous all day long. And if the capillary nature is the first factor of lack of volume, the wearing of head accessories and the weather are also factors. Have you tested a multitude of styling products without success? So why not try your hand at homemade recipes. Here is a simple and 100% natural mask that the beauty addicts of Deavita have just tested for you!

1 small egg
1/2 natural yogurt

Mix the two ingredients, then apply the mask by massaging the scalp. Wrap the mane in plastic wrap and a towel. Leave on and rinse 20 minutes later!

Which texturizing product helps to have volume?

Whether you have fine, long or thick hair, it is important to use the right hair products to add density and volume to the mane. Shampoos, conditioners, masks and other volume products will be your best allies in the fight against flat hair. In terms of shampoo, opt for a gentle product that does not weigh down the mane and above all, rinse it well. Then, choose a moisturizing conditioner that will ensure good hold and crazy volume to your hairstyle. Styling mousse and texturizing powder are other good allies for fine hair. When used sparingly, these two products allow you to keep volume all day long. Hairspray is also very useful. Head down, spray a little, then raise your head. As for the homemade dry shampoo, it absorbs excess sebum and refreshes the hair by making it more voluminous and dense. In addition, you can make it yourself with only two or three ingredients.

How to dry your hair to make it more voluminous?

Aside from styling, the drying and the way you wash your hair can also impact its volume. So when you wash your mane, rinse it with cool water. Why? Because cool water closes the pores and disciplines the hair. Then, lean your head forward and press gently with a towel to dry and loosen the roots. Pass your fingers through it to work the roots, but also the lengths.



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