Large Sofa by Ramón Esteve

The feature that best defines the Large sofa is its pronounced horizontality. Its base is a bevelled platform, while its legs are strategically hidden, thus generating the visual sensation that the sofa is levitating above the ground.

Photo © Luis Beltran

Designed by Ramón Esteve for Lebom, the Large sofa is conceived as a generously sized modular piece that allows the creation of very diverse compositions, adapted to each space, and making it possible to furnish large living rooms with just a few modules.

Photo © Luis Beltran

Its floating cushions enhance that feeling of lightness while providing total comfort. Source by Ramón Esteve.

Photo © Luis BeltranLocation: SpainDesign: Ramón EsteveDesign Team: Nacho Poveda, Gloria IzquierdoProducer: LebomYear: 2022Photographs: Luis Beltran, Courtesy of Ramón EstevePhoto © Luis BeltranPhoto © Luis BeltranSketch

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