Bob haircut 2022: 7 different types of bob to make you look like a fashion icon

It seems that bold and edgy haircuts will never go out of style, and we can expect a spectacular comeback of the effortless and elegant bob haircut in 2022. It has been around for the past century. Short and long bob haircut is more than just a practical style, it is a statement. Back in the days, when flapper girls were the ultimate IT girls of the 1920s, they popularized the hairstyle. With cleaner and simpler silhouettes fashion-wise, naturally the bob haircut seems like the perfect fit to complement your style. Buckle up your belts, because in this article we are going to explore this timeless hairstyle. Let’s see some tips and tricks on how to maintain the perfect bob haircut!

Is bob haircut in style in 2022?

There is no doubt that some trends and styles will always be in. These are the styles we usually call time-proven or classics, and one great example for one of them is the bob haircut. Whether you are going for a streamlined look, a textured bob haircut adorned with layers for more volume, or the French girl aesthetic with a bob with bangs, there is no doubt that there is the right bob for you. A bob haircut version that can easily suit to everyone’s lifestyle, wardrobe, face shape, and hair texture. Hair stylists and specialists in the field often mention the diversity of this hairstyle as the main reason why many women are going for it in the first place. We guess this is the reason for its big comeback in 2022 too.

Back to the basics, a bob haircut in 2022 offers everything that resonated with the women in the 20s. It is a practical style that is easy to maintain, even when you have just a handful of minutes in the morning to get ready and conquer the day. It also represents the statement style of a strong, independent and sophisticated women.

Boy bob haircut

In case you are into the effortless look, then you will like the boy bob haircut a lot. It is all about natural styling and texture that will give you a laid-back look and make you appear as you have just got back from a sunny holiday on the French Riviera. Choose a length you like and feel comfortable with, as there are no rules here.

Shaggy bob haircut

Still on the effortless and natural page here, the shaggy or the choppy bob haircut is ideal as a low-maintenance option. The classic length of the shag is mid-neck, and layers are a must for this style. A great tip is to leave your shaggy bob to air-dry, which will help you style your hair with no elbow grease and in no time, while you will also spare it the damage from the heating tools. This will help you maintain the hair looking healthy.

Mod bob haircut

Like it or not, nostalgia is all the craze fashion-wise at the moment and in order to achieve the ultimate nostalgic aesthetic for your Instagram gallery, you cannot go without a mod bob haircut. Mod bobs are certainly the most sculptured version, so make sure you have enough time to style your hair daily and smooth it out.

French bob haircut

Fancying a fresh and exciting chop? Go French and chic, or go home! Let your natural curly or wavy texture shine through and emphasize the look even further with lightweight bangs you can part in the middle for a movie star curtain look or wear them as they are for an effortless appearance. Taylor Lashae certainly knows how to look expensive and effortless!

Long bob haircut

When you want to keep the length of your hair, however, you are not into the bob style anymore, start transitioning by adding some layers. You can add them gradually and in small installments, otherwise you are risking ending up with a shaggy hair bob, which may not be your cup of tea. Adding layers to the longer and streamlined bob will leave you with a bit square-shaped cut that can be further personalized to suit the face shape.

Medium bob haircut

Since getting rid of the bob by naturally growing your hair from a medium length can take up to three months and even longer, the best way to transition between styles is adding bangs. Don’t forget that maintaining bangs can take some time and energy, therefore it is important to commit to them only if you are willing to invest into their upkeep.

Pixie bob haircut

Transitioning from a bob to a classic pixie cut or a pixie bob is probably the easiest way to go. If you feel comfortable enough with a shorter hair, the only thing you need to do is chopping off the bulk to the extent you are willing to.

What face shape suits a bob?

Considering the variety of hair bob styles available, it is safe to say that there is a complementing option for almost every face shape. In case you are an owner of an adorable heart-shaped face, all you need to do is going for a medium or longer length bob. It will visually create symmetry by adding some additional weight to your naturally slimmer lower part of the face. Flattering a round face is easy with a longer bob that hits right under the chin. Square-shaped faces look great with a short or pixie bob with more layers that will add a softer look to balance out the overall look. Oval-faced girls are in a win-win situation, because they can easily pull off almost every hair bob style. Messy or sleek, long or short, with or without bangs – it is up to your own preferences if you have an oval face.

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