SAZAE by Kengo Kuma and Associates

This sauna, which can only be experienced by those who have booked an accommodation plan that includes a sauna, can be used as much as you want within the time limit. Rental of bath towels, sauna hats, etc. and detox water are also included in the plan. Please rent out the entire space luxuriously and enjoy the sauna experience as time flows slowly.

Photo © Keishin Horikoshi

For those who want a deeper sauna experience, we also offer sauna aroma options and whisk rentals. The whisk can be used for whisking, which includes steam to warm the body or to pat the body.The whisks provided by SAZAE use plants such as bamboo that grow wild on Naoshima.

Whisking can be expected to have a relaxing effect due to the scent of plants, and a beautiful skin effect due to promoting blood circulation, sterilization, and moisturizing, and you can feel further “toi”. In addition, the sauna stove is fully equipped with auto-rory. A shower-shaped water is sprayed on the stove, and it has become a specification that is automatically applied periodically.

Photo © Keishin HorikoshiPhoto © Keishin Horikoshi

And while saunas, which have gone through a huge boom, are now becoming a culture, the perspective of design has begun to be adopted in Japan as well. However, the sauna, which was designed by an architectural design office and was even designed by a lighting designer, is unique in the world. Source and photos by Japan Posts.

Photo © Keishin HorikoshiPhoto © Keishin HorikoshiPhoto © Keishin HorikoshiPhoto © Keishin HorikoshiPhoto © Keishin HorikoshiScheme

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