Cemetery Chapel by Zupelli Design Architettura

The “ideas competition” launched by the Municipality of Siano for the redevelopment of its cemetery context concerns the creation of a chapel built above the lower crypt in which new niches and ossuaries are planned.

Image © Zupelli Design Architettura

The project is the result of a precise search for balance between “form and function”, able to respond on the one hand to the demands of functionality and on the other to give a new aesthetic and civic value to the existing context. Source by Zupelli Design Architettura.

Image © Zupelli Design ArchitetturaImage © Zupelli Design ArchitetturaLocation: Siano, Salerno, ItalyArchitect: Zupelli Design ArchitetturaCollaborators: Giorgia Bianchi, Silvio Lussana, Matteo Sturla, Ottavia ZuccottiStatus: competitionImages: Courtesy of Zupelli Design ArchitetturaImage © Zupelli Design ArchitetturaImage © Zupelli Design ArchitetturaSection

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