AI House Design by MA2

Based on parameter inputs that build cross reference relationships between two opposing images. The idea is to merge two different objects and morph them into one single object.

By doing so the artificial intelligence is able to take the formal properties of the two objects and integrate them into an architectural language. Since the AI image is essentially an impression or 2D painting, it currently lacks the three-dimensional qualities required for architectural proposals.

Image © MA2

However, it makes an excellent guide for conceptualization and aesthetic development. The AI house is a study that begins with conceptualization and concludes with an architectural aesthetic proposal.

The case study is exploring super car components integrated into a logical method for home volumes, shells, and tectonic structures. Initial concept images show distinctive two separate objects of a home and car.

Image © MA2

Later versions of development, the two become an impression of an interior with aesthetic logics containing both properties. This then is developed further with materials and recognizable assemblies.

Once the AI has a set of aesthetics that is workable according to the designer, it can be guided to generate similar variations or can use those same inputs for exterior, section, and interior aesthetic compositions. Source by MA2.

Image © MA2Location: MetaverseArchitect: MA2 Architectural DesignPrincipal: Michael Arellanes IIYear: 2022Images: Courtesy of MA2Image © MA2Image © MA2Image © MA2

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