Yacht Design by MA2

The current yacht proposals are designed to capture an architectural presence and synthesis an expression of speed.

This is done with a pleating effect on the monocoque shell. The form is lined with curvatures that consider torque and aerodynamics, giving it a stealth body with variation of elements.

Image © MA2

Super yachts go beyond the functional aspects of ocean navigation and shelter, they embody a dynamic expression of speed with stealth like force and luxury.

The luxury is the adventure in which the client pilots in an extraordinary machine customized to one’s vision.

Image © MA2

MA2 has taken these considerations when creating an image that embodies these design features and concepts.

With the aid of artificial intelligence, the design goes beyond the expected, and features or impressions emerge that exaggerate this stealth form.

Image © MA2

AI variations give designers unexpected avenues to develop form and expression. These impressions are later to be developed in detail with CAD and 3D fabrication.

The initial visions are enhanced with AI software using its many resources to facilitate qualities that would otherwise have to be modeled in a longer process. This is AI sketching. Source and images Courtesy of MA2.

Image © MA2Image © MA2Image © MA2

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