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Over the past many decades, human civilization has advanced quickly. Especially the architecture industry has the highest growth. We can see numerous masterpieces and architectural wonders from every developed nation and this journey are never-ending. 

Interestingly, there is a new concept of civilization and urban city planning introduced by Saudi Arabia; the popular name is The Neom City; which is going to blow your mind. This project will break down all the conventional types of town planning and how humans live, work and play. Curious to know about the project? Scroll down to know more.

How did it all begin? Thought Behind Neom Project

World leaders are now re-designing their development strategies and switching towards sustainable options after facing the devastating effects of some natural calamities across the globe. Saudi Arabia is one of the leaders that has introduced the smart linear city also known as “Neom City”

Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince, announced the start of the NEOM Project at the 2017 “Future Investment Initiative.” As a result, a new era of luxury urban sustainability has also begun due to this change. The Line is another name for the reflected city projected in the desert.

Neom City Project “The Line” 


This smart city is going to create more than 380,000 jobs with other projections and technological advancements. Moreover, the Line Project will be fully operated through data-driven technologies and robotics technology. Let’s have a look at some astounding features of Neom City.

The Line

The outer facade of the Neom City will be like a mirror. It will represent a mirrored metropolitan city. This project will resemble a 170-kilometer-long row of residential homes. It is built with what appears to be a wall of mirrors.

Within 34 square kilometers, The Neom Project will occupy about 9 million people in residential properties. This will save space and help to use the resources effectively.

To foster sustainable and regenerative development practices, the business regulations will be powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

The Neom City is projected to have no cars and no roads. As a result, there will be a significant amount of reduction in carbon emissions. Moreover, it includes a pollution-free environment and free of waiting time which will attract the residents to live there.

The Line Project residents will have harmony with nature. Easy access to open spaces, gardens and the natural environment will make people live healthy lives. Additionally, you will have opportunities for sustainable food production in this smart city.

Businesses and communities of The Neom Project will be connected through highly advanced AI technology. Besides, the city will work on data-driven technology that will act on predictive systems that will improve the quality of life.

Neom Bay Airport


One of the city’s intended four airport networks, including one international airport, is Neom Bay Airport. The commercial airport is 48 kilometers from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, which is the closest airport. As a result, this airport will open the doors to opportunities for visitors, residents, businesses, and industries and connect to the world.


It will be a place where people, industries, and businesses will operate in the lap of nature. The interesting part is that you will see the technological advancements without harming nature and also business functions in this fabulous and futuristic logistics hub.

Furthermore, its design has an octagonal shape and it will be a state-of-the-art integrated port in The Neom City with airport connectivity.  It will be like a floating city that will give inspiration for future business and technological advancements with zero carbon emissions.

Neom International Airport, 


Direct flights from NEOM operated by Saudia will go to a few regional and far-off locations. By the end of June 2022, the airline will start offering weekly flights to Dubai International Airport, with intentions to quickly add services to London. The planes flying to the chosen locations will sport a combination NEOM-Saudia livery, promoting the NEOM brand internationally.


The Arabian Peninsula’s first significant location for outdoor skiing will be Trojena. With elevations ranging from 1494 to 2590 meters, it will be situated in the Sarawat Mountains, the tallest mountain range in Saudi Arabia, roughly 31 miles inland from the Gulf of Aqaba.

It will be a happening place for adventure and entertainment for visitors and residents of The Neom Project. Technology, hospitality, and enjoyment are the key factors of Trojena.

Proposal of The Line Project 

It roughly spans from the Red Sea to Tabuk along the Hejaz Railway. Its major location falls under Tabuk province and it is in the northwest direction of the kingdom. It has an extension to Aqaba gulf. The location is south of Jordan, across the Gulf of Aqaba from Egypt’s eastern border, and north of the Red Sea.

Design & Structure Planning Of The Neom City


The Line Project combines smart cities and smart villages. Ports, business districts, research facilities, and entertainment locations are all included. Saudi Arabia wants to establish itself as a leading global high-tech tourism destination that fosters prosperity and economic progress.

It will be combined into a single enormous structure that is 500 meters (1,600 feet) tall, 200 meters (660 feet) wide, and 170 kilometers (110 miles) long, as opposed to developing a metropolis made up of several structures on a linear pattern.

What Makes “The Line Project” Special?

Urban life is best exemplified by The Neom Project. It is a civilizational development that retains the human as the focus of expansion without vehicles or pollution.

It will be operated on 100% renewable energy resources. This makes it a unique and smart living space. The Health and well-being of people will be the top priority, not the transportation or infrastructure. As a result, it will provide clean air for everyone.

It will become an ideal place to live urban life with nature’s involvement. Two-meter walk through direct open spaces, sunlight and ventilation, and other facilities make this project unique and beneficial for public health.

380000 jobs are projected by 2030 and a lot more opportunities will be there for technology lovers and business persons. 

Residents and businesses will have world-class facilities with the help of advanced AI technology. Healthcare, logistics, travel, and tourism industry will benefit a lot from the Line Project.

The Neom Project Timeline 


In 2017, the Saudi Arabian Prince had announced the idea of The Line Project. In 2018, Egypt has declared that it will provide land to the Neom initiative. Air Products & Chemicals Inc, based in the United States, said in July 2020 that it will build the world’s largest green hydrogen facility in Saudi Arabia. 

According to the crown prince, NEOM will be able to accommodate 450,000 people by 2026, 1.5–2 million by 2030, and nine million people by 2045. A 26,500-square-kilometer high-tech complex on the Red Sea with multiple zones, including industrial and logistical sectors, is set to open in 2025.

When is the NEOM city open to the world?

Saudi Arabia hoped to finish the main elements of the project by 2020, with an extension finished by 2025, but it is falling behind schedule.

It is projected to complete by 2030. However, it is running late by schedule so the due date will be delayed. Maybe it will be open to the public by 2035. It all depends on the availability of funds and resources. 

Final Lookout

40% of the world is only a four-hour flight away.
Saudi Arabia covers 26,500 square kilometers.
Nature is only a 2-minute short walk away.
Ai Driven technology and data-driven business models
Perennial solar resources of 20 mg/m2
The entirely renewable energy

NEOM will launch a new model for urban sustainability that will entirely use renewable energy. With world-class treatment and inclusive care, the city will use cutting-edge technology, research, and education to establish itself as a global leader in the sector. In addition, it promotes sustainable and regenerative development strategies by implementing environmental responsibility concepts.

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