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Winter is nearly upon is, which means that naturally our minds begin to turn to making our homes as well-insulated as possible. Homes can lose their warmth through a number of different areas, such as windows and doors as well as through the roof – which is why keeping your roof in the best possible condition is so important. What can you do to improve your home’s insulation? 

Secondary glazing


Secondary glazing, as the name implies, is basically a second set of windows that sits inside your existing window installation. This is where it differs from double glazing, which requires your existing window units to be removed altogether. As a result, secondary glazing can be considerably cheaper and easier to install, and it also makes it a handy option for those who particularly wish to keep their existing windows – such as in historic properties. 

Homes can lose a significant amount of heat through their windows. Even when the windows are closed, cold air can make its way through the tiniest of gaps and heat can be lost through glass. A secondary set of internal windows can help make the difference by ensuring your property is as well insulated as possible, to insure the minimal level of heat loss. 

Wall/loft insulation


Another option to consider is getting your property properly insulated if it hasn’t been already. Loft insulation, for example, can considerably help with ensuring your property loses the minimal amount of hot air. Warm air rises, meaning as you heat your home the warmer air is more likely to raise through the house and try to escape – getting your loft insulated can help this. It’s also why ensuring your roof is in the best possible state of repair is such a wise move. 

More affordable options


You don’t have to spend lots of money to feel the benefits of insulation. Investing in extra sets of thick curtains, or pairing your curtains with a pair of blackout curtains, can work in conjunction with your blinds to help keep your home insulated. Similarly, you can purchase draft suppression items for under doorways for relatively cheaply – these strategically placed around the doors in your home can also have a surprising effect for relatively little outlay. 

A few key steps in making your home more thermally efficient will mean a warmer and cosier winter, without the need to worry so much about spiralling energy prices. 

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