Mariupol City Hall by NOVA

The project embodies the heart of urban democracy and civic life in Ukrainian Mariupol. Mariupol is a beautiful city on the shores of the Sea of Azov. Its heart was made from metal and cooled in the sea of Azov. The main industries in the city are metal factories and the seaport.

Mariupol is called the Greek capital of Ukraine, its history is closely connected with Greek culture, and the name with the prefix -pol speaks for itself. The word “Demos” comes from Greece, and it means the people.

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The ancient Greeks invented a system of democracy, the principle of which was the equality of all people. Democracy evenly distributes all responsibilities to the people as a distributed load from beam to the columns.

The ancient Greek system which calls the “Order” system, is a constructive system that allows you to create large spans without additional supports. Mariupol Order – a modern interpretation of the Order system, a descendant of a democratic Greek society.


Metal embodies the history of the place and modernity. The building consists of two spatial volumes. They are independent, but at the same time connected by a large atrium, where an amphitheater and an open staircase are located. Usage of “Mariupol order” provides an open-plan building, there are no internal columns.

The ground floor is the city reception, comfortable open space without dark corridors to serve the needs of citizens. It includes a front office, café, and children’s room. First floor. Reception of the mayor. Back office, creates the most comfort for employees. Space for lectures and workshops for office workers.

Exploded axonometric

As well as a cafe for employees. Second floor. Large conference area for formal events. Multifunctional space for events, such as weddings, banquets, business training, and balls. The third floor. Roof garden, which is open to all citizens.

We believe this project can be the first step in public discussion for rebuilding liberated Ukrainian Mariupol and will become its true heart. Mariupol is Ukraine. And when it will be freed from russian occupation, it will need new high-quality architectural solutions. Source by NOVA.

Grounf Floor PlanSecond Floor PlanSectionLocation: Mariupol, UkraineArchitect: NOVA New Office of Vital ArchitectureDesign Team: Danila Bielokopytov, Nikita BielokopytovStatus: Concept stageImages: Courtesy of NOVA

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