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Who doesn’t love spending some quality time with their friends or family in the open outdoors? While some people would prefer the wilderness of the forest or mountains, others wouldn’t leave the comfort of their homes for the world.

If you own a house and want to spend the warm weekends in your lovely open backyard, you probably already have your favorite furniture ready to host a barbeque or an entertaining afternoon. But how do you keep your precious outdoor furniture for longer, preventing it from tearing, breaking, fading or rotting?

We know you want to keep your backyard pretty, so we came up with six pieces of advice you could take advantage of if you want to preserve your outdoor furniture. You can find a suitable solution no matter what your furniture is: use unit covers, install a retractable awning for house, or apply protective layers to save the textiles.

How to protect your outdoor furniture from the sun and UV rays?


We’ve all seen those faded white or yellowish spots on textile and vinyl surfaces. They always give the impression that the surface is uncared for or too old to be lying around anyway. These spots are caused by intense sunlight and harmful UV rays reaching furniture that is not UV-resistant. How can you prevent that from happening?

Keep the patio furniture in the shade.

Of course, keeping your patio furniture in the shade is the easiest way. It might be that your building is creating shade towards the backyard, but sometimes more is needed as the sunlight’s direction changes throughout the day. Another possibility is to use natural shade created by nearby trees, branches, or tall bushes.

What to do if you don’t have shade in your backyard?

Only some people are lucky enough to have shade in their backyards. If that’s not your case, you should create it instead of putting your entire furniture in the garage daily. A simple way to gain superb sun glare and UV-ray protection is to install a high-quality retractable awning or a UV-resistant umbrella.

Such structures will protect your outdoor furniture from fading and tearing and create a cozy, protected backyard area. Your metal, glass or PVC furniture won’t absorb all the heat anymore, and you’ll be able to enjoy it even on scorching hot days.

How to protect your patio furniture from rain and snow?


Rain and snow can have a detrimental effect on outdoor furniture and especially such made of textiles and fabrics. If the furniture surface is not treated with an additional protective coating, it often starts to mold, mildew and even rot. So how can you prevent that from happening?

Use waterproof covers

Waterproof covers are one of the easiest ways to protect your patio furniture from rain and snow, as they create the protective layer your chairs and sofas lack. Take measures and order custom-sized covers that are not too tight or loose.

All you need to do is cover the items after using them. You can leave them out in the open without worrying about rain or snow. When packing the furniture, leave some air between the cover and the surface, as it will prevent mold and mildew development.

Add a layer of waterproof spray


Although this method is less effective than using waterproof covers or entirely sheltering the furniture with a pergola, it can be a budget-friendly solution to preserve your garden furniture for a little bit longer.

You can purchase a waterproof spray and apply it on your outdoor textile furnishings to help them repel water drops and prevent mold formation. However, remember that this will work with light rain and precipitation, not heavy storms and rain.

How to protect your garden furniture from wind?

Depending on your area, the wind can be light and unalarming or with high speeds and dangerous warnings. Only you can best choose the appropriate way to protect your outdoor furnishings in a thunderstorm with strong winds.

However, one way is to anchor furniture to the ground. That works only in specific cases, and you should also think about other items you cannot anchor. For example, if you have an umbrella or retractable awning, it’s best to leave them closed during a storm.

On the other hand, you can stack up all chairs and bring them together with any tables or sofas inside your garage or in another indoor storage place. This is the best way to ensure high winds won’t affect your backyard furniture.

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