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Having a swimming pool in the backyard is the dream of every homeowner. Many people consider pools an escape from the sweltering summer heat. You can also have an enjoyable and soothing afternoon by taking a plunge into the pool and then sitting in the sun.

However, maintaining the pool requires a lot of effort. Keeping your pool sparkling and clear, maintaining the chemical levels, and preventing bacterial growth is a gargantuan task. It should be obvious that no pool owner wants anything to interfere and ruin the clean state they have maintained their pool in. Ducks are one such creature that can cause issues for your pool.

Now, ducks are cute and entertaining to watch sometimes. But they can cause issues for you with all the loud quacking, and you will also have to spend a lot of time cleaning their droppings from the pool.

Tips to prevent ducks from getting into your pool

It is easy to keep ducks out of your swimming pool by following a few simple tricks. 

Remove things that attract birds

Although flowers and bird feeders make your poolside look beautiful, they are probably causing ducks to move into your property. Also, if you have a bird feeder and keep food in it regularly, ducks may come back to your yard looking for food.

Invest in a good solar cover


Do not confuse this with your standard pool cover. Standard pool covers are nice, but their use is fairly straightforward. A solar cover can give you numerous benefits other than keeping your swimming pool covered. A solar cover is typically used to block out the sun’s rays and stop excessive evaporation. This will reduce the number of times you have to replenish the water in your pool and also keep your pool ready to use whenever you want. You can choose one that perfectly matches your pool because they are available in a number of sizes and shapes. Ensure that you purchase a cover that fits properly to prevent ducks from sneaking in and becoming trapped.

Use animal decoy toys

Ducks dislike waters that contain their natural predators, like alligators. When you are not using your swimming pool, keep some inflatable decoy animal toys like alligators, dolphins, snakes, and killer whales to frighten the ducks away. This approach, however, may not always succeed. The ducks will immediately return once they realise that the floating object is not a real threat. So, while investing in an animal toy, try to find one that looks realistic. If you can find toys that have some moving parts, it may discourage the ducks from exploring your pool.

Take help from your furry friend


If your fake predators are not doing the job for you, then you can try using a live one. Owning a dog can quickly end your duck invasion issues. Dogs are natural predators of ducks, and you can use the help of your dog to scare away the ducks. The ducks will leave your pool as soon as they see or hear your dog. Even though this approach is a bit reactive, it has a higher chance of working.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that all dogs may not be interested in scaring the ducks away. Furthermore, there are ducks that do not get frightened easily. So, it is necessary to train your dogs to keep the ducks away. Also, maybe hold off on getting a cat. Dogs are noisy and frighten the ducks away, whereas cats are silent duck-killers. Your cat may kill the ducks even before they can run. 

Install a fishing line

A crisscrossed fishing line can operate as an invisible ceiling over your pool, keeping the ducks from settling. It acts as a wall that the ducks may not even notice. They will not attempt it again once they hit these lines.

Try bird netting

The idea of bird netting is very similar to that of a fishing line. Try using a good-quality net to enclose the pool and serve as a roof. It won’t just make it difficult for the ducks to land; rather, it will also provide an additional layer of defence against falling leaves. Contact your local Pool Builders Perth for more information on this.

Use automatic pool cleaners


Ducks get frightened fairly easily, and there is no better way to terrify them than automatic pool cleaners. These pool vacuums move around and frighten the ducks while keeping the pool clean. The only downside is that certain models can make the filter system of your pool perform less efficiently when it is operating.

Use motion-activated sprinklers

Another fantastic approach to chasing away ducks is using motion-activated sprinklers. When these sprinklers detect any movement in your yard, they will automatically turn on. Ducks dislike sudden movements, so they will most likely take flight when the sprinklers turn on.

Set up spooky eye balloons

These balloons are made to resemble big eyeballs, and you can float them in your pool. Ducks generally despise these big eyeballs because they stand in for a predator’s on-guard eye. You can also use them as a decoration for your pool.

Use plastic owls


Owls are natural predators of ducks, so surround your pool with plastic owls to frighten the ducks away. But it is advisable to spend money on a plastic owl that can hoot and perform basic actions like turning its head.

Use Duck Off

This is a chemical compound that causes the water’s surface tension to break, making it difficult for the ducks to swim in the pool. Even though it is effective and harmless to use, many pool owners use it as a last resort to avoid adding more chemicals to the pool. You can try this method when everything else fails.

To Conclude

A backyard swimming pool is a point of pride for homeowners. But to keep your pool clean and healthy for swimming, it is crucial to keep birds like ducks out of your swimming pool. You can achieve this without harming the ducks by following a few easy tricks, and it will help you keep your pool always prepared for a refreshing swim session.

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