COMB wall sculpture, 2022 Gdynia, Poland
Imitating large brush strokes, COMB is a permanent 12 sqm wall sculpture on the facade of an industrial warehouse in the port of Gdynia (Poland), commissioned by the city’s 2022 Design Biennale:

Seven pieces that interlock in a seamless way, are designed, and digitally crafted with robotic 3D printing and recycled plastic sourced from old, discarded fishing and shipping ropes. The choice of the material pays tribute to the maritime activities in the port, while the curved and combed texture of the sculpture draws inspiration from mural and painting techniques.

GLYPH play furniture, 2022 Eleusina, Greece
The design studio collaborated with local school kids to design Glyph — a vibrant new collection of sustainable play-furniture for Eleusis 2023 European Capital of Culture. The name of the collection, which comes from the Greek word “γλυφή” (“carving”), refers to ornamental engravings of messages or symbols on ancient temples.

The project is the result of an eight-week-laboratory hosted in the Greek city, inviting more than 700 kids aged 5-14 from the region to donate their waste material and create drawings, which were later scanned, digitally processed and engraved on the new furniture of the city.

Photo © Aspa Koulira

ORYKTO design residency, 2022 Tilos, Greece
The New Raw took part in the PCAI Tilos Artist Residency, a program focused on environment, sustainability and circular economy promoted by the local non-profit, cultural organization Polygreen Culture & Art Initiative and the Municipality of Tilos. During their six-month residency (May-November 2022), the creative duo designed “Orykto”, from the Greek word “ορυκτό” (“ore”)

A collection of sculptural stools in primitive shapes made of repurposed aluminum cans relying on the local recycling facilities of the island. Translating stone mining into furniture design, the stools are “excavated” from local recycled waste using pressure as a shaping force. The project will be exhibited at the beginning of 2023 in Athens, Greece.

Photo © Ilias Madouros

STRATUM entrance furniture, 2022 Utrecht, The Netherlands
Inspired by geological layering, Stratum is a 18m-long monolithic and multifunctional piece — the largest piece designed to date by The New Raw — that turns, folds, and unfolds in a variety of heights and widths in order to serve for sitting, reception, as a high working desk and as a leaning table.

The project, which simulates rock formations through a sophisticated layer-to-layer 3D sculpture technique using plastic waste, will be launched and available for release from January 2023. Source by The New Raw and photos Courtesy of MINT LIST.

Photo © Pim TopPhoto © Rafal KolsutPhoto © Rafal KolsutPhoto © Rafal KolsutPhoto © Rafal KolsutPhoto © Alina LefaPhoto © Alina LefaPhoto © Aspa KouliraPhoto © Ilias Madouros

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