Ecologies for Other Architectures exhibition by Itinerant Office

Ecologies for Other Architectures is an exhibition that brought together 7 emerging international architects, who built and narrated 7 scenarios, or ecologies for an architecture yet to be built.

The seven proposals were exhibited in the patio of La Casa Encendida in Madrid, where the public was invited to interact with each piece. The curatorial process was designed to bring the general public closer to the complex themes presented by the authors of the proposals.

Photo ® Miguel Galiano

All the proposals, as well as the exhibition space, were conceived to have zero impact, using recyclable and recycled materials and allowing subsequent uses after dismantling.

With Decommissioning Gamified, Pareid aimed to rethink not only how materials are sourced, but also how they are reconfigured into design. In Crowd Foresting, by Breathe Earth Collective, visitors were invited to take small tree saplings with them for free, plant them somewhere in the city, and care for them for a minimum of 10 years.

Photo ® Miguel Galiano

With Metaverse Syntax, Lucia Tahan critically presented an emerging formal language of the Metaverse. GP Shelter by Takk Architecture consisted of a refuge for Argentine parrots aiming to open the discussion about our relationships with non-humans.

Desert Soil, by Studio Wild (NL), aimed to take on a critical position regarding land use and reevaluate alternative ways of agricultural, water management as well as social and economical structures that can manage our soil.

Photo ® Arturo Laso Merino

Material Transformation: soil cycles, by aparicio/eeraerts (BE) aimed to visualise and interrelate the material of soil with tradition and architecture, as well as the role earth’s natural cycles play in the ongoing climate crisis.

Finally, Labour Rituals, by HPO (IT) and La Stanza (IT), was a performative proposal about the human body and contemporary labour, involving the other humans working on the exhibition. Source by Itinerant Office.

Photo ® Asier RuaPhoto ® aparicio/eeraertsPhoto ® aparicio/eeraertsLocation: La Casa Encendida, Madrid, SpainArchitect: Itinerant OfficeCurator: Gianpiero VenturiniCuratorial support: Pablo Ibañez FerreraSupport: Austrian Forum of Culture in Madrid and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in SpainYear: 2022Photographs: Arturo Laso Merino, Asier Rua, Miguel Galiano, aparicio/eeraerts, Courtesy of Itinerant Office

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