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Architecture is everywhere! Whether it’s a cathedral or your backyard shed, you can appreciate the architectural features of any building that you see! You’ve likely gazed out your car window before, admiring the houses that you’re passing by on a drive, noticing the exteriors of each and gaining inspiration for your next remodel or roof replacement. Knowing the names of popular architectural styles can help you describe your favorite ones to others and possibly brainstorm for your next roofing project! Five of the most popular roofing architectural styles include gable, shed, mansard, gambrel, and hip. 

Top 5 Architecture Styles

There are countless architectural styles of roofing featured around the world, and all look wonderful when combined with the right aesthetic features in the exterior of a structure. If you are looking to learn more about architectural styles for your next roofing project, it would be a great idea to talk to a professional roofing service to understand your options and create a design that suits your home or business perfectly. Locating a trusted roofing service provider such as Tesson Roofing will ensure your later success!


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Imagine the first house you ever drew, a roughly pentagonal shape with a pointy top. The roof of this house is very similar to what architects call a gabled roof. The gabled roof is extremely popular in modern home design as it is effective and complements most architecture styles perfectly. It is a simple design by itself, but it can be modified in several ways to preserve the classic look and add a modern feel such as with cross or Dutch gabled roofs.


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Shed roofing sounds a bit weird for a home, because most sheds are sequestered to the backyard out of sight, but when shed roofing is paired with modern architecture, it provides a clean 21st century look. The shed style roof consists of one long slope instead of the usual two that are separated by a middle point. Shed roofing is usually less steep than other types. 


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Mansard roofing was first popularized in France, featuring two slopes for each side of the roof. This roofing type maximizes attic space because of the steeper slope on the bottom half of the roof which is great if you’re looking to increase the volume of your upstairs. Additionally, this is a great architectural style if you’re aiming to add an old world feel to your house.


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Gambrel roofing is a familiar architectural style even if you may not know the name of it. If you’ve ever seen a classic barn roof, featuring two sides with two different slopes, this is gambrel architecture. While this is often used on barns, it is a great choice for homes as well, giving a quaint and rustic feel while increasing attic space!  


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Hip roofing is another classic style that features four triangular shaped slopes of equal length that meet at a middle point and form a ridge. Hip roofing is similar to gable roofing in that it can be modified to suit your needs such as in half-hip roofing where two sides are shorter, and eaves are added. The options are limitless!

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right roof architecture for your home or business can be a difficult choice because each has its respective charm but speaking with an experienced roofing expert such as those at Tesson Roofing can help you in deciding on a particular style that will suit your structure perfectly. The great news is that there really are no wrong choices if you’re getting your roofing done by a professional, so the sky’s the limit, explore the roofing options that speak to you!

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