Cricket Pavilion by WHITAKER STUDIO

This design was our submission for a cricket pavilion and village hub that would serve a small community in northern England.

Inspired by the nearby Hambleton Hills our design created a sculptural form that flows across the landscape and creates a landmark at the centre of the village.


It would provide a home to the community’s activities and encourage participation from all. The plan is arranged carefully in a long linear form to keep construction simple and achieve optimal proximities for all uses.

The roof bellows at both ends of the building allowing the hall and bar to open out onto both cricket pitches to maximise flexibility at peak times.


The soaring roof provides large canopies in these areas to protect visitors from the elements when rain stops play. The changing rooms at the centre of the plan serve all the activities equally.

Placed in the middle of the site the building was designed to serve all the activities of the cricket club equally while opening up to the magnificent views of the Hambleton Hills.

Plan and ElevationSite Plan

Inside there is the Bowling Club House and some services such as the Store Room, Team Shop Lounge Bar and the Kitchen, as well as services and the Changin Room.

The hall, meeting rooms and bar all enjoy views out to the east, while visitors approaching from the road would enjoy a view of the building’s iconic form. Source and images Courtesy of WHITAKER STUDIO.

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