Green Solution House 2.0 by 3XN winner of Årets Byggeri 2022

The all-timber hotel, located on Bornholm, is a prototype for sustainable construction methods and an extension of the studio’s Green Solution House 1.0, itself a winner of Årets Byggeri in 2015.

Developed in close collaboration between 3XN and GXN, the hotel’s design is rooted in rigorous sustainability principles in materials, construction, and performance, and is an uncompromising development of the adjoining Green Solution House completed by 3XN/GXN.

Photo © Adam Mørk

“We are very proud to receive this award, which focuses on the impact that architecture can have on society,” says Lasse Lind, Partner and GXN and lead on Green Solution House 2.0. “As an office, we seek to inspire through our projects, and we hope the Green Solution House 2.0 will inspire people to build with biogenic materials, use local and upcycled resources, and make holistic sustainability the main design driver.”

A repeated box-like module comprises the building’s volume and is set on angle to add depth and frame views to the nature around. The hotel is constructed nearly entirely of timber – the building’s main elements (including the walls and slabs) are composed of large prefabricated cross laminated timber panels simply assembled on site.

Photo © Adam Mørk

The method not only makes use of sustainable building materials, but minimizes construction time, costs, and waste, and ensures a high degree of accuracy in construction. In addition to the overall modular timber construction, GSH 2.0 also exploits the accuracy and efficiency of computer-controlled fabrication in the building’s detailing.

Features such as grilles for natural ventilation were cut directly in to the CLT panels, demonstrating the benefit of a holistic design approach and the synergy between design, manufacturing, and performance.

Photo © Adam Mørk

The standardized design of the units also allowed the designers to carefully predict the dimensions and quantity of material offcuts (typically waste material), which were then used to create bespoke furniture items across the hotel.

“The widespread use of timber is both good for the climate and gives a particularly warm atmosphere,” explains Lasse Lind. “Offcuts from wood production have, instead of waste, become the hotel’s furniture, and waste from granite and gas production has been process locally into new beautiful products at the hotel.

Photo © Adam Mørk

In this way, the building itself is an expression of the hotel’s ambition to make green solutions an attractive element for guests.” “I am incredibly happy and grateful that we are receiving the award again,” said Trine Richter, director of Bornholm Hotels/Green Solution House.

“GSH also received the award in 2015, when GSH 1.0 was completed. …Receiving the award for ‘Construction of the Year’ is a national recognition that will benefit us in the future and attract even more business visitors to GSH – to the benefit of Bornholm Hotels and Bornholm.” Source and photos Courtesy of 3XN.

Photo © Adam MørkPhoto © Adam MørkPhoto © Adam MørkPhoto © Adam MørkPhoto © Adam MørkPhoto © Adam MørkPhoto © Adam MørkPhoto © Adam MørkPhoto © Adam MørkGround Floor PlanDiagram

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