Dubai’s Agritourism by URB

URB to develop the world’s largest agritourism destination in Dubai, providing food security & entertainment, whilst also creating more than 10,000 jobs & promoting a green economy.

In line with Dubai’s ambition of making its rural and wilderness areas the most enjoyable & beautiful places in the world; Agri Hub by URB aims to become a key tourist destination in Dubai’s countryside.

Image © URB

Planned to be located in Dubai’s desert, the project will promote a new agritourism experience, whilst offering fun and adventurous services as well as amenities.

Agritourism, short for Agricultural tourism, is commonly defined as an activity where members of the public visit a farm for educational, recreational, or retail purposes.

Image © URB

One of the main benefits of agritourism is the sustainability of rural communities, heritage and cultural landscapes. Agritourism provides green job opportunities thus increasing the income of local residents.

It also enhances the quality of life of farmers and consumers, whilst improving the environment & enriching the local culture. The new hub will also feature a nature & heritage conservation center, ecotourism center, an Agri-tech institute & a restorative wellness center.

Image © URB

Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB, explains the significance of the project in transforming Dubai’s rural and suburban districts into popular places of interest:

“Dubai’s rural and agricultural rich communities are best positioned to become a global benchmark for agritourism. Agri Hub is a highly attractive and activity-rich environment, which will transform Dubai into the world’s best rural visitor attraction in the world.

Image © URB

It will provide spaces for local farmers to sell their products directly from their farms, whilst offering a new eco-friendly shopping, dining & edutainment experience for visitors.

Beyond becoming a new tourism experience in the countryside and wilderness of Dubai, the project will also promote greater health, wellbeing, and prosperity for rural local inhabitants. Ultimately, it will serve as an innovative blueprint for decarbonized rural tourism hubs of the future.”

Image © URB

The typology of the hub provides visitors with a unique agritourism experience whilst giving them a sense of being outside in nature. Agri Hub is intertwined with a unique landscape offering outdoor leisure facilities, camps & lodges.

Some of the project’s environmental features include 100% renewable energy, 100% water recycling, bio-saline agriculture, green transit systems and onsite zero waste management. Source and images Courtesy of URB.

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