The Meta City Hall by the CAA LAB

“In this metaverse city of a digital imaginary world, we can get rid of the shackles of the real physical world, and use the surreal oriental futuristic ideal to create a tree-like growing, continuous self-repaired and evolved living body, which meet the needs of digital residents.” says Liu Haowei.

The Meta City Hall, designed by the CAA LAB led by architect Mr. Liu Haowei, was recently completed. The project is CAA LAB’s first metaverse building completed in China and located in a creative utopia and a futuristic metaverse city – Meta City. It was created with the support of “Creator City”, a Metaverse product of Chinese tech giant Baidu.

As the creator of Meta City Hall, CAA LAB also participated in the preliminary scheme and planning of Meta City. CAA LAB team used the usual digital and surreal design methods to express an oriental romanticism architectural language, and created this Meta City Hall called the “Tree of Life”.

CAA LAB actively responds to the needs of digital citizens for public services and social activities in the Meta City, and creates the administrative and civic center of the “City of Tomorrow” – Meta City Hall in a digital twin.

Image © CAA LAB

The city hall building as a whole is a vigorously growing “tree of life” respecting human nature. With abundant leaves growing on the branches, it becomes a floating island that grows gradually from bottom to top. The decentralized space system also makes them independent and not interfere with each other.

Entering the city hall, passing through the multifunctional central hall on the first floor, users can be quickly guided to the required services. The center of the building is a vertical transportation core. The suspended independent spaces are connected by air bridges on each floor.

Image © CAA LAB

After the preliminary consultation is completed, users can reach their corresponding municipal service spaces. The outer perimeter of the building is wrapped by a four-sided wing-like holographic digital glass curtain wall. After logging in to the metauniverse platform, users can see their personal information on the screen.

The decentralized mode corresponds to the exclusive account of each user. The “Tree of Life” can adapt to the various public, municipal and service needs of “Meta City” residents , and it will continue to grow and iterate in this smart city of the Metaverse.

Image © CAA LAB

CAA LAB was incubated and developed by CAA Architects, aiming to create a new metaverse parallel world for human beings in the WEB 3.0 era and create a future “city of tomorrow”.

Earlier this year, five projects of CAA LAB landed on Decentraland, the world’s largest metaverse platform, and all won awards in the global metaverse architecture competition sponsored by it. Source and images Courtesy of CAA LAB.

Image © CAA LABImage © CAA LABImage © CAA LABImage © CAA LABImage © CAA LABImage © CAA LABImage © CAA LABConstruction System AxonometricMultifunctional Central Hall

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