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Entertainment Center TV Stand can be the focal point in your lounge and it plays a vital role in creating the perfect look that you want to create in your home. However, since we all have different tastes, opinions and budget, how should we style our entertainment center tv stand so that it blends with the overall decoration and we’re satisfied with the outcome? Here are 3 tips to help you style your entertainment center tv stand to achieve the perfect lounge look for your home.

1) Keep it Simple

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The truth is that there are some things that you can do to make your TV area feel more like a lounge. One is to buy the tv stand from VidaXL and the second is to give a read to these 3 easy ways:

Hang a lamp from the ceiling. You can use this for ambiance or as a reading lamp. Either way, it will help break up all of the dark colors in your room and create an inviting space. 

Place a rug beneath your seating area. This will help keep any dirt or dust on the floor from getting onto the furniture, plus it will give you an extra place to sit! 

Cover up that TV! Sure, we know it’s important, but try not to let it take over everything. Use fabric curtains or drapes instead of decorative ones. 

If you want to show off your TV, find something unique about it (a funky remote, a cool art piece) and hang that on the wall with wires running down below it so people will notice them. Remember: less is more!

2) Go for Functionality

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A room that doubles as a living room and a family area requires both function and form. It’s important to consider how you want to use the space when designing it. The TV is often at the heart of such a design, so choosing an entertainment center tv stand with plenty of storage for DVDs, games, books, and other items is key. If you like your TV on display for all visitors to see, then choose one that complements or blends in with your decor.  

When creating a functional yet decorative design, pay attention to the size and scale of your furniture pieces – think about what you need them for. For instance, if you plan on having guests over to watch football or basketball games on Sundays, then go for something more elegant that can seat four-five people comfortably. You could also install a second TV in order to create two viewing areas; this way if there are children around they will still be able to watch their favorite cartoons while the adults catch up on football scores without distractions.

3) Accessorize

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We all want our living room or family room to be a place that is inviting and comfortable, but sometimes it can be hard to find the right space. A TV stand with a TV on top and some lamps might not offer enough lounge feel. Here are some simple ways you can accessorize your entertainment center tv stand in order to make it feel more like a relaxing spot:

Place an ottoman in front of the couch so it is easy for you or other people who sit there to rest their feet while watching TV. 

Hang up photos of family members, friends, or personal travel memories on the walls above the couches. 

Fill vases with fresh flowers from time to time! Flowers will always brighten up any space. You can also choose plants instead of flowers for a more natural vibe. They’re easier to maintain than a full garden.  

Make sure your lighting fixtures are updated too! Don’t forget about ceiling lights if you have them installed, or add some string lights around the perimeter of the room.

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