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Smart home –a high-tech home equipped with automatic lights, heaters, dimmers, sensors, CCTV, smart locks, smart blinds, smart curtains and many more that can be controlled from anywhere by phones or pc. It has now become easy to contact the home with the assistance of internet and ensuring whether the dinner is cooked, heater is on, curtains are drawn, and if a gas fire has been started.

In other terms, automatic home or one can either say domotics, is automation of a home, and can also be called as smart home or smart house. This automatic system is used to monitor and control all the functionalities of home like lights, weather, entertainment systems, and all the other appliances remotely. This technology also involves providing protection to homes like – access control and alarm systems. Group of systems gets connected to a common network and are managed solitary and remotely. Such as-lights, speakers, TV, security cameras, smart door locks, other devices, all gets connect t0 one common system, and are operated and managed by any smartphone.

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This advanced and innovative technology of managing and operating the entire home system was not available in the past years. Hence, automating a smart home, with the wide range of electronics and appliances can manage and sync everything with no need for other alternative applications. Following are the advantages of having these high-tech homes: 

It is easy to manage all the devices equipped in the high-tech advanced homes from one place. It is a great and a huge step of technology to control and manage the homes remotely.
Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how new the appliances are today, they will be more innovative and creative, as time passes. So, a constant use of this advanced and smart utility makes the job of an owner easier and flexible.
Ultimate security of home. This includes-detection of any motion, high-tech cameras for monitoring, automatic locks, and other security steps in the entire home. These automatic smart homes also send security warnings to the connected devices.

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Easy control of all the functionalities remotely. These innovative homes also allow operating all the appliances and functionalities from some miles apart. For example: one can easily order the house to get cooler before he/she gets back to home from job on in extreme summers.Additionally, one can also keep a check on the lights if they are left on, or who arrived at the house and many more.
Besides, the advanced and high-tech homes are energy-efficient. Like, with as mart and well organized advanced thermostat, which recognizes the daily routine and the preferred temperature, one can specifically and precisely control the hotness and coldness of the home and assist in suggesting the better energy efficient settings the entire day. Lights and curtains gets automatically turns on or off as per the settings, so there is no wastage of energy.

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Evolved, enhanced and better functionality of appliances. Agenius and an innovative home also assists in running and operating the devices in a better and efficient way, like a genius oven assist in cooking and there is no need to concern about the food being extra cooked or undercooked. Additionally, an intelligent and smart home the ater and audio system can easily control the film and song preference.So, the entire home with an automatic and an innovative technology enhance the effectiveness and working of devices and makes the way of living much more joyful and entertaining.
Analysis of one’s routine and actions. 

Hence, automating a smart home not only assists you in security, but also equipped with voice commands, smart lights, curtains and other appliances. Additionally, internet is not essentially required as, the home can be controlled and managed on local servers independently without internet and can content with almost 90% of the smart devices.

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