archi5 wins competition for Sports Complex in Magnanville

The project proposes a strong and emblematic image, it embodies its function and elegantly expresses the values of sport, excellence and humility. It consists of a mineral base topped by three aerial volumes. The fragmentation reduces the impact of the project and integrates it smoothly with the residential fabric.

The curves offer a dynamic that evokes the sporting momentum and dialogue with the neighbourhood. Natural lighting is provided by the high façades. At night, these volumes are transformed into lanterns with a soft and diffuse light through the wooden slats.

Image © archi5

Particular attention is paid to the notions of sobriety, durability and energy performance in order to limit the environmental impact of the project, to make it a frugal and sustainable facility but also to limit the maintenance and upkeep.

The project proposes a bioclimatic design taking advantage of the existing site and combining a thermal envelope and efficient energy systems with simplified use. The project provides a new living space for residents and visitors and creates a new landscape within the neighbourhood.

Image © archi5

By interacting with the adjoining park and stretching it around its perimeter, the new sports park is designed by spaces of various morphologies and scales. This new landscape is worked by borrowing from the aesthetic codes of the English garden and the natural garden.

The future sports centre will be ecological, luminous, safe, elegant and linked to nature and the park through its landscaping. It will offer future users, sportsmen and spectators a framework to practice, watch and enjoy sport in all its forms. It will be a facility for the community where everyone will be able to find their place and develop a fulfilling sporting practice. Source by archi5.

Image © archi5Location: Magnanville, France

Architect: archi5

Engineer, structure: epdc

Environmental engineer: ieti

Economist: mébi

Acoustic engineer: Cap Horn solutions

Client: City of Magnanville

Surface: 3 283 m2

Cost: 6 800 000 € Excl. tax.

Timetable: Competition prize winner Jan. 2023

Completion: scheduled 2025

Images: Fred Peronne, Courtesy of archi5

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