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Today, it’s hard to imagine a modern office or home without bean bags nz, which are modern accents that can be moved around. In a short amount of time, it took over not only homes but also public areas. Even though upholstered furniture is in its “golden age” right now, experts still say that people make mistakes when they buy bean bags, which makes them wear out and lose their good looks faster.

Here are the most important things to know: the inside and outside of the bag, the size and shape of the bean bag, the material, how it works, the beads and stitches, and the zippers.

1. Bags For Inside And Outside


People choose bean bags based more on how they feel than on what they know. But the possible buyer still needs to know the most important things. First, you should check to see if the bean bag has an inside bag. If an animal or an accident tears the outside bag of a bean bag, the beans can spill out onto the floor. So, it’s best to get a bean bag with two bags: an inside bag filled with polystyrene beads and an outside bag that can be removed and washed (depending on the fabric). Here, you can learn more about the fabrics we sell.

2. Shape Of Bean Bag


Most arguments about bean bags are about what size and shape to get. In reality, everything is pretty simple. Just choose a shape that fits your needs. If you want to move a bean bag from one place to another, it’s best to choose a pear-shaped (Game, Play) or similar (Razzy, Razz, Roll) one with a handle that makes it easy to pick up and move. The bean bags of this time are the most popular with children.

Most bean bags are L-shaped, like the models Seat, Tube, and Lounge, which look like armchairs. Bean bags with strict shapes are better for living rooms and offices (models Tube, Moog). Two-seater bean bag sofas are another choice (models Sofa Seat, Sofa Tube, Sofa Moog). Also, there are short and useful pouffes that come in models like Up!, Mini, Softbox, and Plus.

3. Fabric Of Bean Bag


People often don’t pay attention to what kind of fabric the outside of the bag is made of. Instead, they base their final decision on how good it looks. Most bean bags are made of soft polyester, which is mostly used inside, or fake leather, which can be used both inside and outside. People with pets should get fake leather because leather is hard to clean and animal hair doesn’t stick to it. It is important to talk about the modern alternative to fake leather, which is damp-proof or water-resistant fabrics coated with special layers that don’t let liquids soak in. Bean bags should be made of two strong fabrics: an elastic fabric inside the bag that is filled with beads, and a fabric that can be washed on the outside of the bag. Here, you can learn more about the fabrics we sell.

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