SKI Facilities competition by Peter Pichler Architecture

Peter Pichler Architecture was invited to take part of a private competition which oversaw the completion of a Ski Facility in Ponte di Legno, Italy. The extensive brief asked for the Ski Area completion, including the addition of three new cableway lines articulated by the presence of architectural interventions.

Shelter, dining options, as well as an exhibition hall dedicated to the preservation of the culture, historical and landscape heritage of the site, were also requested. Our proposal expands on the sensible approach to the natural landscape, the local vernacular architecture, and the cultural heritage of the site. Accordingly, we proposed four interventions that not only enhance the area of Val Camonica.

Image © Peter Pichler Architecture

The overall design was guided by the revisitation of the architectural tradition found on site, characterized by pitched stone roofs, and wooden interiors and balconies. Consequently, the four stations feature the same architectural elements, with each of them reacting differently to the landscape. The formal architectural familiarity results from the repetition of pitched roofs throughout all structures, and their interior linear plan which opens towards the natural surroundings.

Integrating the buildings into the landscape, as well as offering the best experience to visitors, were decisive design factors. Each structure has been oriented towards its most expansive view.
Another primordial aspect was highlighting the cultural heritage of the site, as it includes World War I trenches found in situ. These have been safeguarded and integrated into the project, where glazed openings and walkable transparent paths ensure they are exposed.

Image © Peter Pichler Architecture

To achieve sustainability, the structural elements will be built using local and natural materials like stone and wood. This conscious choice reduces the environmental impact of the construction, while integrating the intervention into the landscape and its cultural context. In contrast to the common architectural language, each one of the four facilities has its own identity, dictated by its size and function.

Altogether, the adopted design strategy and architectural approach used has resulted in a family of buildings and stations characterized by a coherent architectural language rooted in local architecture. Their differences lie in their own identity and character that uniquely expresses the exact place where each one is situated throughout the ski path. Source by Peter Pichler Architecture.

Image © Peter Pichler Architecture

Location: Ponte di Legno, Italy

Architect: Peter Pichler Architecture

PPA Principals: Peter Pichler, Silvana Ordinas

PPA Design Team: Peter Pichler, Daniele Colombati, Maria Pachi, Niklas Knap, Federica Rizzo

Status: Competition Entry

Ground Floor Area: 4.360 m2

Year: 2022

Images: Courtesy of Peter Pichler Architecture

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