Summit School by CAZA

The Summit School in Manila enlisted CAZA to quadruple the size of their space in hopes of expanding their academic and extracurricular programs, turning what was once only a kindergarten into an elementary and middle school.

Image © CAZA

The design for the School, which has an iconic central garden, was both an exercise in architectural expansion and preservation. In order to accommodate such a massive expansion, CAZA decided to make the space vertical, creating a stacked academic campus, while keeping the atmosphere of the garden throughout.

Image © CAZA

On each level of the campus, CAZA designed a series of vertically networked green spaces that visually expand the School’s important central garden throughout the vertical campus.

Site Plan

These green spaces also function as pedagogical tools. Each floor’s unique landscapes provide different forms of interaction and play for students. Within the School nature and landscape enhancing the student experience and opening up new opportunities for learning.


Location: Manila, Philippines

Architect: CAZA

Project Team: Carlos Arnaiz, Yvonne Demitra Konstantinidis

Images: Courtesy of CAZA

Level 01 Floor Plan

Level 02 Floor Plan


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